Temptation Island.... what do you think?


“Four unmarried, but seriously committed, couples at a crossroads in their relationship and 30 singles that are looking for love travel to an exotic location to test the waters of temptation”

Cool idea or bottom-of-the-barrel sleaze?

It sucks, it’s stupid, it stinks, it’s disgusting, and it’s a new low in TV programming (even for FOX).

The money whores who conceived it and the deluded, misguided, brain dead participants (contestants?) deserve whatever happens to them (in this life and the next).

I hope this show starts such a backlash that everyone in the country throws their TVs out the window and picks up a book.

May they all be bitten in their nether regions by spiders, the venom of which will cause immediate rotting of all body parts, leaving a pool of sludge fit only for hosing down the nearest sewer. Which would burp it back.

While at Falcon’s party today, we saw the advert for this “show” and afterward, I was asked by weirddave:

I think that sums it up.

(I picked Anniz. Duh. :))

Sounds like fun. Especially if you have an open-minded SO and/or make some secret arrangements beforehand (wink wink nudge nudge ;))

Aren’t these the same folks that made Darva Conger a household name? Have they learned NOTHING?!

Let’s not insult icky but probably useful lifeforms that thrive on the bottom of barrels.

So Fox scrapes up couples willing to put themselves into a hyped, glamorous, sexually charged environment and invites the public to watch. Oh, goodie, are illicit, “testing” interludes gonna be filmed?

My reaction? Any half of even a tenative couple who suggested such a thing isn’t worth keeping. (“Wanna, y’know, look around, test, experiment?” “Wanna get lost if and until you grow up?”)

And to flaunt that in front of cameras, for the delection of anonymous strangers?! Blech.


This is what gets me about shows like this–also what had me so vexed about “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire:”

First of all, I think the people who are on these shows deserve whatever happens to them in terms of scorn. That’s fine. And I know many adults won’t watch because they find it too stupid or offensive; some will watch for the laughs; and those people who watch because they find it quality entertainment are, well, probably also getting that they deserve in terms of brain cell stimulation.

HOWEVER, this is my problem with it. There will be some young people of an impressionable age who will see it. Or who will hear about it. And they may not have the benefit of hearing adults talk about why this type of thing is so against their personal values. So what are these kids left to think about? That this is cool? That there is something entertaining about seeing people cheat, or being tempted to? That relationships mean that little?

I realize I sound like some 90-year old prude, but I can’t help but worry about what the message these shows send (subtle and not-so-subtle) to those people in our society who are still trying to figure out their own values. And you can quack all you want about how their parents should be supervising their watching and discussing these sorts of values with them, but that doesn’t mean it happens. I don’t expect TV to parent our kids, but I do wish it would stop putting on so many things that can be harmful when parenting isn’t happening.


…but I for one don’t believe that the so called “seriously commited” couples are that serious or commited. Do you? And besides, why are we so quick to judge them for alternative lifestyles? Playing around may not work for many of us in commited relationships but it certainly seems to do the trick for some others (even some on this board).

As for the show, heck, why not? I might watch an episode or two. It’s sure to have plenty of beachware shots of nice young bodies and the added voyeur aspect is interesting to say the least. As for the contrived angst and betrayal conversations I expect will inevitably come up, I’ll edit those judiciously with my mute button. I can’t believe that any contestant has a right to be shocked or surprised by any kind of infidelity on this show. Infidelity is what the show is about. Without it - no show. They might as well bring Lawrence Welk back in that time slot.

However, do I expect this show to educate? No. To raise moral standards? Hell no. To teach a valuable lesson in realationships? Not even on a good day.

It’s tittilation folks. Voyeur TV. At least we’ll be spared people getting railroaded into marriage on prime time TV. Now that was a reprihensible show. That is of course if one believes that these people hadn’t intended to get married in the first place. But they did and thrived on the publicity.

Quit beating around the bush…tell us what you really think! :wink:

FWIW…I think its a lousy idea, too.

A lousy idea it may be, but we’re all going to check it out to be sure, aren’t we?

no. we’re not all going to watch.

…and this is coming from a t.v. casualty

The first time I saw an ad for this “show”, I turned to my wife and said. “Harumph. The marketing slimebags at Fox musta had a meeting that went like this…‘So that survivor show was popular, but we could do better with something like it with more SEX!’”

Fox is targeting that lowest common denominator again.

Hey, didn’t the President of Fox say that they were gonna be cutting down on the amount of reality based programing after the “Millionare” debacle? Looks like that lasted about 2.4 seconds.

Hubby, daughter, and I saw the ad for this show at the same time. Reaction from the 3 of us was simultaneous and unanimous - UGH! I was glad that my 15-y/o saw it for what it is, and be sure that it will NOT be turned on in our house. For the record, we don’t watch Millionaire and we didn’t watch Survivor or the other insipid reality show…

Does ANYONE have original, entertaining ideas for TV programming?? ANYONE???

I’m glad to see the Dopers are virtually unanimous in disgust for this “program”, and I use the term loosely.
Is Jerry Springer now in charge of Fox programming? This is exploitation at its most vile. Fox is taking the initiative to purposefully attempt to break up couples on the bubble.

‘Next on Fox - Addicted or Not - We’re going to send 10 recovering alcoholics and 10 recovering drug addicts off on a two month cruise on international waters, where everything is free and there are no cops. Open bars and Heroin dispensors in every hallway. Tune in to watch the fun, and see how many recovered addicts O.D. and drop dead.’

Bad Idea.

Gee… we are going to get more of the same bull. Angst, betrayal, cheating, and no sex. yay. Just watch a soap opera and you’ll see the same thing.

This is the worst perversion of “entertainment” I have ever witnessed. FOX has DEFINITLY sunk to an all-time low with this one. Personnaly, I didn’t even watch Survivor or Big Brother or any of those shows, but they were NOTHING compaired to this!
And one has to wonder about these couples… I know that I wouldn’t be interested in doing anything like this! it’s sick and immoral, if you ask me.

 The sad part, though? It's probably going to get high ratings anyway.

QuickSilver – there’s nothing wrong with a little “titillation”. (What’s the origin of that word – the first three letters are very suspicious.)

That’s what the girls on trampolines are for, on The Man Show. And that’s why I don’t flip past the Bowflex and Hanes commercials – nice abs, guy!

If you’re going to watch it, would you mind telling us who the sponsors are? (Hope it’s not Pepsi, I’d hate to switch to Coke.)

It makes me sad that this is the same Network that airs The Simpsons and The X-Files and Malcolm in the Middle.


I also did not watch the millionaire show or the survior obession that was all the rage. And likewise I won’t watch this either unless they showed me everything and I do mean everything. So why can’t the people who come up with these ideas put them on Showtime or HBO like the other adult series that they have. (ie. g-string divas, real sex, and taxicab confessions)
Also, Quicksilver said that someone was railroaded to marry the person. Like I said I did not watch the show but as someone who reads the newspaper and read about the whole thing. I have come to the conclusion that they knew what was happeing with the show and they knew what the final outcome was going to be when they signed on so no one can say they were railroaded.

What really annoys the hell out of me is the couples aspect. Why bother to have them be couples? I’m very devoted to the policy of monogamy.

“You must be 80 years old if you still believe in that Totoro!”

Ha. I’m 16, I’ve had a few girlfriends, all of whom I liked, and I don’t think I was ever the one that instigated the break up. Nope, come to think of it, not once. If I went to this show, and I was with my current girlfriend, I would have no problems refraining from these “temptations,” but due to some recent break ups, I have a lot of problems with trust. I’d be scared shitless that my girlfriend would leave me for those buff sleazes. She’d be with some other guy, and she’d cost me a million bucks.

If it wasn’t couples, this would be fine with me. I could resist these hot ladies when I’m with someone else, but hey, I’m only a 16 year old male, what do you expect.