Temptation Island

So what do you think of Temptation Island? Who do you think will break up? Who are your favorites? Poor Meghan, good enough to date all the men, but picked by nobody for the final date. Mandy looks like Medussa with that hair.

As ashamed as I am to say it, I really enjoy Temptation Island. The intrigue and drama built up each week makes me want to see it the next. After all the action last night, it makes me mad that I’ll have to wait two weeks to find out what happens. Fox is running their Barbara Streisand special in the time slot next week. And what the hell is Fox thinking? I think Barbara is fine, I won’t watch her special, but I think she’s fine. But hosting the special is something I’d expect from CBS, but not from youth oriented Fox.

But I digress. The only couple that I care a bit about is Andy and Shannon. They seem like real people and have been together for five years. Billy and Mandy, Kaya(sp?) and Valerie are like paper dolls, nice to look at, but no real depth.

I felt very sorry for Megan, in a way. On the other hand, the guys were cheating on their girlfriends to be with her, what made her expect any loyalty?

I thought it was amusing that Kaya and Andy were arguing over her jealously, meanwhile, umm…guys? You both have girlfriends.

Another dude confessing this show as one of his guilty pleasures.

As strange as it seems, I think Billie and Mandy will end up getting back together. I don’t buy that either one of them has much passion for any of their dates. They’re strong-headed and hot-headed individuals, but something tells me they’ll try to get back together after this mess. Not that they’re marriage material, but they’ll try to get back together (if not right after the show ends).

Kaya and Valerie. I think Valerie is the only person on the island who truly wants nothing to do with anybody but her original SO. Therefore, she will break up with Kaya when she sees what he’s been up to in the other camp.

Meanwhile, Andy will want Shannon back, and she’ll relent. But, I really think she digs that Tom dude.

Not that it matters to me. :wink:

I’m with you, Clucky.

I think Billy and Mandy will end up ok with all this.
Kaya and Valerie are toast.
Andy and Shannon will also end up ok. I think Shannon is interested in Tom, but I think she will stay with Andy willingly.

I’m embarrassed that I know so much about this…

I think everyone stays together. I think if Kaya was going to cheat he would have done it with the chick he dated last night. By choosing the other girl to go on his dream date with I think that means he plans to get back with Valerie.
Shannon might break up with Andy and pursue Tom but I think she will realize Tom is a slut and go back to Andy. Billy and Mandy have both been crying over each other’s dates , which suggests they are too into each other to stray.
BTW, I loved the scene where Billy was trying to talk to Kaya and kept yelling at the camera crew to leave him alone. Great television.

That tom guy makes my skin crawl!!! He is so creepy!

And what is with this Megan chick crying?? She is a prostitute! for pete sake! Is she THAT sad she doesnt get to be the best homewrecker in the bunch?

The butterfly chick - the one Billy chose - she is trouble, and I mean TROUBLE!!

I only feel bad for Valerie, she is the only one who has done nothing to be ashamed of. Poor kid, wait till she sees the video of her man sucking face with the trollop. :frowning: Sad stuff.

You know, it’s a good thing for the show’s producers that they didn’t fuck up and actually get couples in real “commited” relationships. I mean, how boring would it be to see people acting in a mature, devoted and carring manner towards their partners.

I’m not knocking the show or the concept but I’ve not been able to bring myself to watch Temptation Island and miss The West Wing… It looks as if Martin Sheen is going to nuke some Columbian drug lords for snatching American DEA agents. Go Marty!

The show is over. All three couples stayed together. That’s it?! BORRRING! I wanted to see at least one of them break up. C’mon Kaya, your woman is plain. Go for that playboy model instead! Shannon, you know you liked that Ivy League guy. Billy and Mandy, you are both so obnoxious you deserve each other.

I am extremely disappointed. I also expected at least one couple to break up, Shannon and Andy. When Shannon was still by herself talking to Mark and made that little speech about how she hoped she didn’t have to lose touch with Tom I thought for sure Andy was toast. I hope after watching the show she sees what an ass Andy was and how he acted the entire time. The only reason Andy stayed with her, in my opinion, is because he realized no one else wanted his miserable ass!

I wasn’t sure about Kaya and Valerie. Obviously Valerie wanted to stay with Kaya but I think he could have gone either way. That man was a complete dunce! The two comments stick out in my mind when I thought of him was “the big water bird” and his “market value.” I guess Valerie has expectations when it comes to him.

Billy and Mandy, what a couple! She is such a hypocrite when it came to Billy and her telling him how disappointed she was in him when she saw him doing the strip tease for the ladies. I personally would have much rather seen my SO doing a little strip tease than having someone lick a shot out of their belly button. I liked her in the beginning but then she just got downright annoying. She kept talking about how she just had this connection with John (who?). She said that about all the guys she went out with!

I liked the show overall, it was an interesting concept in my opinion, just to see what would happen to the couples. But, I am glad it is over. Now I’m going to have to check out the new show “Boot Camp”. That looks hysterical!