Large stash of cocaine found in cruise ship. Septuagenarians arrested.

An elderly British couple in their 70s has been arrested on drug charges in Portugal after a “large amount of cocaine” was found in their cabin.

The senior citizens were in the “Marco Polo” cruise ship, on their way back from the Caribbean.

Obviously, cruises are more hardcore fun than I thought…!

“The 70- and 72-year-old suspects”

The emphasis on the age of the suspects suggests a certain amount of prejudice against people in their 70s. While physically many people this age are slowing down and starting to get serious health issues mentally they are about the same as younger generations.

I think that it is the fact that not many people will associate “70+ year old people” with the concept of “high-end drug mules”.

(They were carrying some 20 pounds of the stuff distributed among 4 pieces of luggage).

[goofy internet theory]It’s a viral promotion for Clint Eastwood’s new movie![/GIT]:slight_smile:

Kieth Richards just turned 75 today, somehow i am not surprised at this story.

People in their seventies attended college in the late 1960s. I assure you that people of that generation were familiar with drugs.