large type in posts

Still a noob stumbling around the forums and trying to get get my finger to actually type on this phone.

How come my posts sometimes show up smaller than other times. Apparently I am doing something wrong but cannot see what it is.

Suggestions are welcomed

probably depends on the settings you’re using on your phone.

I get that on my phone as well. Some posts are big enough that I have to zoom out or scroll left to right, others are too small to read.
Seems random.

Ditto, but the* same exact* text is sometimes small then after a few refreshes big. I’ve been too lazy to look into the reasons for it.

I haven’t tried that. I just work on the assumption that since it’s random, I’m probably not going to find the answer easily and I very rarely read the dope on my phone.

Thanks for the responses.

I will chalk it up to the site not being optimised for a mobile device, sadly common.