Largest size and number of digital photos you would send in an e-mail to a friend

At my work, we get an 80 Gb Inbox for email, so my idea of a small file attachment is not very realistic.

In AOL, Hotmail, or NetZero land with 2Gb inbox limits, it’s pretty easy to overfill a user’s inbox with a few .jpg’s and those user’s, they do not like it a bit.

I’m a newbie to this. Is there a standard? A 4X6 image scanned at 72 dpi is 150 kb as a .jpg with minimal compression. Limited experience tells me even a few 150 kb images will overwhelm the standard inbox. I could compress more and/or go with a smaller image, but quality suffers at a point.

Sending one at a time seems tedious, too, but please let me know what has worked for you.

I wouldn’t send any more than 1 MB or 5-6 pictures at a time. Can you put them up on a webpage and let the person download them and save instead? Then they wouldn’t have to worry about jamming up their inbox. Usually when I send pictures, they are less than 50K apeice for dial-up users, otherwise people get mad if they are too big - takes forever to download. If I know the person has cable, I’ll send bigger stuff.

Darlin’, I am so clueless about this kind of thing that there is no way I would even be able to TELL how large the file I was sending was. I always just figured that if it took a looonngg time for ME to download, it was because I should have the good grace to have a better computer.

My apologies to all my friends who have had to suffer through the undoubtedly huge (too huge, I am sure) files I have sent them. I just didn’t (don’t) know any better.

Truely I don’t.

Scotticher, if you’re using Windows, right-click on the image’s icon and choose Properties at the very bottom of the list. You’ll see Type, Location and Size. Size should be less than 150KB if you’re sending to dial-up users. Try to send no more than 1MB worth of images, and less is better.

For broadband, I keep the entire file to less than 5 MB unless I’m sending something to a specific person. We have a private website, though, so I would most likely just upload it and send the person the link.

If the friend has asked, then they should know what they’re getting. Warn them beforehand and ask they that confirm it’s OK to send before you shoot through MB’s.

If you are sending without them asking, then (not you specifically) are a pain in the …
Some people like to get funny pictures that their friends think are funny.
Others hate them like SPAM.

I was the ‘victim’ of a friend who thought every fricken MPEG they every found was worth sending through and when 2MB MPEG’s started coming through every day, I asked him to stop.

But, if they’ve asked, they should be prepared to receive.

If I want to send pictures, I just create a new album at Imagestation and e-mail the link.

I have half a dozen free email accounts, and most of them limit attachment size to a max of 1.5meg combined. One will also prevent you attaching more then 3 items.
You need to consider the address you are sending them to, if it’s a free email (like hotmail or yahoo), it may well block large files.

I don’t have any “paid for” accounts, so I can’t comment on those.

I would go with Mauvaise, stick the pictures online and email a link to them.
A lot of online photo galleries are pretty easy to use, or you can just stick them on a account, and not bother creating an index page (this will allow people to view the folder directory, and see a list of all the pics).

I thank you, throatshot, and undoubtedly my friends thank you too!

Hotmail has a 2Mb inbox limit, not 2Gb. I would be very careful about sending anything more than 250Kb in total to a webmail account or else you risk it being rejected or the user’s account being disabled until they’ve removed other mail. I would also send them zipped, as Hotmail (and presumably others) include JPEGs as inline images, meaning the recipient will have to wait while they load.

This whole thing started (and ended) innocently enough when I sent four smallish .jpg images of my nephew to his mother, unsolicited. When it filled her inbox, she blew her top. I assumed it was a case of her mismanaging her Inbox, but thought better to ask you folks, the experts.

Kudos to all for the great advice. The 2Gb limit for a hotmail account was a typo. Wouldn’t that be great if I could get a free email account with a 2Gb inbox?

Sounds like sending an email with a link to a website is the least intrusive method. Why did I not think of that?

I have found today that a 4X6" .jpg at 72 dpi compressed at level 10 yields a very good image at only 50kb, which, based on what you folks have indicated, should not be disagreeably slow to download for dial-up users.

Thanks to all.

Also, be careful sending things in a zip file to those who are not all that computer literate. I thought that a zip file would be the easiest way to send out photos of my newborn son, but soon found that not one person in my family had any clue what to do with the file.

I agree that a webpage is the best.