Larry the Cable Guy

Is it well known to his fans that Larry the Cable Guy is completely a character created by Daniel Whitney? Do they know that he didn’t grow up in the South and that he attended Phillips Andover?

Here’s another news flash!
Dame Edna is a man!

My guess would be no. My further opinion on the subject would be that they wouldn’t care.

Or let’s try this one:

Larry the Cable Guy has fans?

Word is, he clears a million a year on “Git 'er done!” merchandise alone.

Chilling, isn’t it?

Damn. I guess I chose the wrong career path.

Three DVDs (Blue Collar Comedy Tour), three feature movies (Larry the Cable Guy:Health Inspector, Cars and the upcoming Delta Farce), a TV show (Blue Collar TV), a satellite radio channel (Blue Collar Radio on Sirius), three CD albums and a book seem to suggest he does.

Amusing letter to LTCG

Stop the presses! Carlos Mencia was born Ned Arnel Holness! And he isn’t even from Mexico!

I’ll bet large bucks that if they’re really fans they know this and a lot more.

The first part? Sure they know it. He grew up on a pig farm in Nebraska in a rural, conservative, Christian environment just like the one he claims to represent. And he moved to Florida, where he still lives, when he was 16. He’s one of his audience in every way that could possibly count. Including his going to college at Baptist University of America in Georgia. Not Phillips Andover. There’s no mention of him ever going to prep school of any kind, anywhere.


Phillips Andover is an elite, private high school, no?

And I am a fan of Larry’s. I know that it’s an “act,” but it’s hilarious. I also know that Martin Sheen’s not the president, but I still enjoy The West Wing.

Well, he did live in FL for like 30 years, do that not count as “growing up in the South?”

Martin Sheen doesn’t do interviews as the Presient.

Nobody does interviews as the “Presient”. “Larry the Cable Guy” does his interviews in-charachter. He couldn’t get work as himself for more than minimum wage.

His fans don’t give a shit about the person, only the persona.

For typos and LTCG hatin’ see here.

Not Andover, but Kings Academy in West Palm Beach, where his father was the principal.

Isn’t that the definition of prep school?

Goop point. I’ll revise: I know that the Stephen Colbert I see on TV is a character, but I still enjoy his show.

Yes. But you said “[He went] to college at Baptist University of America in Georgia. Not Phillips Andover.” My point was that one could go to Phillips Andover in high school and then go Baptist University of America in college.

Video of Dan Whitney doing standup, NOT as Larry The Cable Guy.

That was . . . weird. I knew that there was a Dan Whitney out there in a sort of academic way, but actual physical proof? Like I said, weird. And quite unfunny. If I saw that guy on Comedy Central, I’d change the channel. The Larry character is *way *more entertaining, IMO.

And I don’t get why people act like he’s “dishonest.” Do they really think that everything that George Carlin or Jerry Seinfeld say during their acts is true? To each their own, though.

I don’t think he claimed the latter; you can be Mexican (or as he says, “a beaner”) without being born there, after all. According to his IMDb biography, his mother was Mexican, and his father Honduran. Plus he was raised by a maternal aunt and uncle (surnamed Mencia, like his mother) from when he was a baby, as their own, and renamed Carlos by them at that time. So it’s not exactly comparable - he is Carlos Mencia.