Larry the Cable Guy - Only In America

Okay, judge me if you want, but my friend and I liked this show. I can’t explain why with a straight face or credible persuasion, but I thought it was stupid, silly and fun.

However, it has been about a year since the last episodes were shown, so I suppose it was canceled, but I can’t find anything that says it was indeed canceled or on hiatus or if Larry just decided to move on to something else.

Anybody know (and I understand if you are joyously happy of the fact) if the show was canceled?

I caught a few episodes here and there;I thought it was a pretty enjoyable show. I guess I didn’t like it enough to set my DVR to record it, but it was perfectly entertaining way to spend an hour. I can’t help you with any information about the show’s status, though.

Maybe he got 'er done.

It seems to be on hiatus.

He’s doing so many commercials, concerts and assorted appearances that I’m surprised that he could find time to even do a series.

Unfortunately, like the rest of Blue Collar Comedy crowd (even my hero, Ron White) he’s becoming a caricature of his former self. The same jokes aren’t as funny when you are telling them 10-12 years later.

I caught a few episodes a little while back when The Comedy Network (that’s kind of Comedy Central’s counterpart in Canada) had an Only in America marathon for some reason. It was much better than I expected. I found it amusing how “Larry” sometimes tells a jokes that’s too clever for the character, interspersed among the “Oops I just shit my pants” jokes.

I haven’t seen his newest show but I love Larry the Cable Guy in general. He is an amazing actor. Most people assume he is a real redneck but he isn’t an never was. He is from Nebraska, not the South but he can play that character perfectly. His character is just an exaggeration of the personality traits that lots of rural people know well and that is why he is so successful.

It is a little disconcerting to hear him speak in his real voice, I hear that he has to stay in character almost all the time now because he is so famous and throws people off if he doesn’t.

Play to the lowest common denominator and see what happens?

He plays stupid/silly/fun because that is all (stereotypical) rednecks can conceive. If he can make people identify with him…boom…tv series…

He’s from outside Plattsburgh, NE.
That’s just like being from the South…
Trust me on that…

Plattsburgh must be a suburb of Pawnee City, because that’s where he’s from. Now has a place (probably one of many) in Lincoln, NE.

I stand corrected.
And I have driven through Pawnee City.
It is pretty rural though as is much Southern Nebraska.