"Blue collar Comedy Tour" -extreme recommendation

Dvd just came in to the rental shop. My 22 year old daughter has awaited it for a week learning about it somewhere on the net.

I, my wife , 2 daughters and a neice were busting our guts for two hours. None of us ever laughed so hard and for so long.

Its stand up comedy from a proud but nice redneck perspective.

I know y’all luv it.

It has been on Comedy Central for a while. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Even my British husband loved it.

Hurrah. I saw the previews in the theatres, laughed myself silly, and never heard anything of it again. Yay and thank you for the info.

“Here’s your sign.”

I saw it on the movie network a while ago and thought it was pretty funny, Ron White is one of my favorite comedians. I thought Bill Engvall was a weak link (he was at times funny) but overall I’d recommend it.

Yea, but are they covered in Moles? :smiley: