Laser Pointers & Urine Streams

Hey, has anyone else experimented with a laser pointer and discovered the really cool psychedelic patterns that can be projected on a urinal if you shine the beam through your urine stream?

(I need a hobby. Quick.)

no… but i’m a girl and i pee sitting down so i can’t really get at my urine stream and… you really do need a hobby…

…why do boys have all the fun???

Through the wonders of technology and the amazing crap on the Internet, boys no longer have all the fun.

Peeing in a bathroom lit only by a blacklight is fun too. I’ll have to pick up a new pointer and try that too. Woah, what if you combined the two??? I’m taking a full bladder and a laser pointer to Insomnia sometime…

Attention, ladies: now you too can enjoy the wonders of a urine stream! All you need is to take a large balloon, fill it with water, and poke a small hole in it. Hey presto – a perfect “urine” stream for your laser pointer!

I think I dont have to feel guilty when I hijack this thread to ask if anybody else has noticed that the starsign cancer picture doesnt look like it has to do with stars at all…

you know… 69 only liing… that s the sign… scratchs head
well… I didnt say it was a good hijack, did I?


I think a better way is to shine a laser pointer through an glass ashtray or a shower door, this reflects some of the same psychedelic patterns that your probably seeing.

This is also a good way to prevent accidently peeing on yourself or others that are involved.

I haven’t tried an ashtray (good idea!), but I have tried a shower door with similar results.