Last Comic Standing - 08/08 - 08/09

I wasn’t all that surprised Chris got knocked out. He just wasn’t very funny the last couple of episodes. He was almost angry! And he looked terrified to me.

Josh is still hilarious. So is Ty, but Josh is a bit more edgy considering his material is sort of a taboo topic.

“We’re laughing at a cripple! We’re going to hell!” I about died last week when he imitated a palsied drunken Scottish soccer player. I work with a bunch of Aberdeenians…he was spot on!

The final is tonight.

Yeah but 90% (or more) of Josh’s material is his own disability. Is he funny? Yes, but I’d like to see more variety in his comedy routines.

But that’s what makes him so funny! Eventually he’ll have to find other stuff to talk about, but right now it’s new and different and bad to make fun of a disability.

I think it’ll take a while before he runs out of material.

No surprise, huh? I enjoyed some of the “star” comics.

Did anyone else watch this?

My wife and I watched the whole season. I really liked Bil Dwyer’s personality and off-stage presence, but his stand-up was lacking. Couldn’t stand Roz or the pregnant chick or the shorty with the gross out humor. To me, Chris Porter really stood out and we were very disappointed to see him go. Josh is funny, but he seems to have a one-note act, much like Ant (who wasn’t funny anyway) or whoever the fat “You go now!” guy is. If the judging were based on last night’s preformances, Ty should have had it. Tuesday night though, he was reusing material from earlier in the season which might have hurt him.

I’m a little disappointed, I expected Chris Porter to win, and frankly, I find Josh to be kind of gimmicky. But not too disappointed, Josh was still pretty funny.

My wife and I thought Chris had some of the best writing, but didn’t do so well with his delivery. Josh and Ty were pretty much neck and neck, going back and forth edging each other out a bit from week to week. We leaned slightly towards Josh on voting night. I can’t help but wonder if Ty’s finale night set would have won it for him if he’d used it the night before, when it counted.

Something about Josh’s material and delivery feels much less like a one-note tune than, say, Dat Phan’s. Everything Dat did was stamped “Asian-Asian-Asian.” When Josh is performing, I’m not thinking “Cripple-Cripple-Cripple.” Somehow he makes it easier to relate to him.

Oh yeah - I’ve always like Alonzo, and enjoyed him last night. Jay Mohr, on the other hand, was tedious to watch. He had a few good ideas, but he beat them to death and then some.

I haven’t been watching LCS at all, but somehow I did catch up with Josh Blue videos via YouTube, and I really like his comedy. To me, he does not immediately come across as a one-trick pony, as he does make jokes about various things.

I wanted Chris to win :frowning:

I liked both Josh and Ty. But the guy who I think is very un-funny is the guy who won last season Alonzo Bodden. His material is old re-hashed typical comediene stuff that I’ve heard before. I can’t believe he went with the old “kids have it easy these days, when we were kids we had monkey bars which were steel bars, erected on concrete.” C’mon, how old is that schtick. What’s he gonna say next, that when his wifes on PMS she turns into a monster?
His jokes don’t have the one-two punch. Just the one, and I’ve heard them before.