Last day on the phones, woo hooo!

At great long last, after much paying of dues and dealing with irate customers, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Miraculously enough, it is NOT an oncoming train! I have been promoted to supervisor and I start my new duties and schedule Wednesday morning. I suppose I don’t need to detail how very pleased I am with this turn of events, but along with the elation comes a certain dilemma…

I’m sure some of you who’ve worked in call centers are seeing my current quandary. Call center work is stressful, the attrition is high, and for various reasons few of us ever have the leisure of having a “last day.” It’s much more likely to be escorted out of the building by security or storming out after a heated exchange with management. Even when notice is given, many call centers will send employees home a day early, just because those “last days” tend to be–well, “memorable” is a good, neutral, non-emotionally freighted word.

So, on the one hand I have a perfectly set up “last day” scheduled, but on the other hand I’m remaining with the company so I can’t really go hog wild. I’m thinking of being Australian all day–what do **you ** all suggest I should do to celebrate such a momentous milestone? :confused: :smiley:

You’ll wish you were on those phones again… :smiley:

Have a beer or two, and remember: It’s not how you do now, it’s how all those people you worked with do. That’s how you’ll be measured.

hehehehehehe :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be careful…you never know when the call center is going to call on your new department for assistance in “phone emergencies”
it happened to me more than once - in fact constantly for several years until my department was the beneficiary of some reorganization and became a separate entity
If your new job is with the same company, don’t burn your bridges. Middle management talks to each other

Perhaps I’m unclear–I work in a call center as an inbound customer care rep. I’ve been promoted to supervisor, so I will be bossing 10-15 inbound customer care reps–I won’t be taking calls, I’ll be taking care of all the myriad behind the scenes things that keep call center reps going, like quality scores, disciplinary actions, credit approvals, call escalations, answering questions from reps rather than customers.

So, I’m trying to figure out fun things to do with my last 75 customers as I talk to them… I’ve already been challenged to see how many times I can insert the sound “meow” into each call, introduce myself as “Dirigible” and my own inclination is to take all my calls in a fake Aussie accent. Or perhaps Jamaican, I haven’t decided yet… :smiley:

And for the record, my boss has already decided to make sure I’m not recorded tomorrow–he knows I won’t be rude but he also knows I have a huge talent for silliness!

A promotion? That’s an interesting way to celebrate Customer Service Week. :slight_smile:

I fondly remember my last day on the phones – Sunday, February 6, 2000.

Wait, I’m not too sure if “fond” is the right word there…

I remember getting “promoted” at the call center to supervisor. I was then considered management. I basically took a cut in pay to work more overtime without being paid for it.

The company expected managers and supervisors to work 50+ hours a week for the salary they were paid. I figured if I only work 40 hours a week I got a 50cent raise and lost my bonuses.

I was very happy to move on to working directly for a software company in support instead of an outsourcer and get back on the phones.