last kiss

bye now I’m guessing that a most people have heard the song last kiss by pearl jam, can anyone tell me who origanally recorded the song and what it was called at the time Thanks

“Last Kiss” was written and recorded by Wayne Cochrane sometime in the 50s. The song first made the charts when Frank Wilson and the Cavaleirs covered it in 1964. It made the top ten during a time that the Beatles usually had a lock on 5 or 6 slots in that list.

So is it the Frank Wilson version that I probably know from the radio?

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It seems to be there was a version of “Last Kiss” in the 70’s…like about 1974 I think. I looked it up in lyrics world and it listed the song under a band called Wednesday along with the version by the Caviliers.
All I can say is Thanks Pearl Jam for exposing yet another generation to this depressing drivel.

What if the Hokey-Pokey is really what it’s all about?

As opposed to the depressing drivel Pearl Jam writes themselves.