The Best Part of Waking Up...

…is not what I’ve woken up to for two days in a row now. I almost never listen to pop radio, but my crappy alarm clock is set to the local pop station. For two days now, I’ve woken up to a remake of “Last Kiss,” which I believe was done by Pearl Jam (please correct me if I’m wrong).

I have two questions:

  1. Why remake this song??? Why, why, why??? (whining)I hate car crash songs…

2)What your vote for the worst remake ever? Could be a poor song choice, or a crappy version of what was a good song the first time around. What the hey…movies too.

Sheryl Crow’s remake of Guns -n- Roses “Sweet Child of Mine” makes my skin crawl. The just whines the whole thing and sounds awful. Ruins a great song.

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I heard a R&B remake of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Why? Who the hell did it?

Last Kiss does it for me, no question.

Though I do have a relatively obscure disc called Encomium, which is a bunch of bands covering Led Zeppelin songs. It’s about half good, but on the other half… well, let’s say that Rollins Band is on it (shudder) and leave it at that.

“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” – William Shatner

I have no freakin’ clue as to what the food replicators were putting out that day, but whatever it was had to be mind altering. He pushes his acting to the edge when ever he opens his mouth… who’s brilliant idea was it to let him sing?!

I’ve always wanted to compile an album of car crash songs. My list so far:

  1. Last Kiss
  2. Tell Laura I Love her
  3. Dead Man’s Curve
  4. Leader of the Pack (cycle wrecks count)

Help me out here, folks?

TennHippie -

  1. Teen Angel

And I had a book of Rock Lists that listed the top 20 car crash songs…I’ll see if I can dig it out.

And my 2 worst remakes are “Last Kiss” and “Mr. Tambourine Man” - the William Shatner version. < shudder >

Donna Summer AND Waylon jennings both did remakes of MacArthur Park. I recall a disco remake of Stairway to Heaven that caused everyone who heard it to stop whatever they were doing and listen to it with their jaws on the floor – I’d like to say the artist was Herbie Mann, but I can’t remember.

Too late, TennHippie, there already is such an album. I saw it in a used record store last year and didn’t buy it (because I was 1,000 miles from home, it was on vinyl, and I figured it would break). I shall always regret that.

My vote for worst remake: “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” by Guns ‘n’ Roses.

I have to say that I think Lennie Kravitz remake of Guess Who’s “American Woman” pales to the original. It’s not bad, but comes no where near matching the energy of the original.

Aerosmith - Come Together
Blasphemous !


A point in every direction is like no point at all

Ah, but in context, Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” was the only bright point in the otherwise abominable soundtrack to Robert Stigwood’s “Sgt. Pepper’s” movie!

I heard the other day a country artist who remade 80’s poster-boy John Waite’s “Missing You.” It wasn’t that great a song to begin with, but a country version? Egads.

I vaguely recall a disco version of Have A Cigar. Anyone else recall it? I hope it was just bad acid. Why did I have to remember that !


A point in every direction is like no point at all

If cycles count, TenHip, you musn’t forget

“Bat out of Hell” – Meatloaf.

At my brother’s wedding, I heard a country version of the Macarena. The word “painful” does not even begin to describe it.

I hate Pearl Jam’s cover of “Last Kiss”. I hated that song to begin with, and Eddie Vedder’s horrid whine through that whole thing. AIIEEE!! Make it stop!!!

Oh, wait. Here’s another bad one. Sometime in the mid 80’s there was a band who did a medley/cover of “Baby I Love Your Way” and “Freebird”. HA! Who’s idea was THAT?

Card and Driver- “Greatest Car Songs”, yes I have it:
1- No Particular Place To Go
2- On The Road Again
3- Highway 49
4- Rocket 88
5-Little Duece Coupe
6-Ballad of Thunder Road
7-Hot Rod Race
9-Little GTO
10-Deadman’s Curve
11-Shut Down
12-Route 66
13-Drag City
14-Hot Rod Lincoln

I would add:
Red Light- Georgia Satelites
Seriously Gone- Dan Baird

I just got back from governor’s school, and although I had a great roommate, I love David Bowie, she loves Marilyn Manson. Once, in a conversation about our favorite songs, I said that I loved Bowie’s “Golden Years” and she she pulls out the Manson version and makes me listen to it for an hour. . . shudder It’s my vote for worst cover ever.

Waylon Jennings remade “MacArthur Park”? Yoinks. I do not like any version of that song. Who wrote that thing, anyway? And do you guys remember the Dave Barry Bad Song contest? “MacArthur Park” won, IIRC.

Once while standing in Sears, I heard a piano/violins version of “Stand By Your Man”.


And another time, in a grocery store, I heard a muzak-ized version of “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On.”

Perhaps that’s another thread: Muzaked to Death.

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