Last movie you watched - that you didn't know you've watched?

It was the funniest thing. I was watching G.I. Joe: Retaliation, wondering how I hadn’t gotten around to watching it since I found the first entertaining in a goofy way. Then that deja vu feeling starts as I watching and I realize I had seen it - and yet it made so little impression I didn’t remember seeing it. In fact, I was having trouble remembering details even as it played along in front of me.

I’ve had this happen with books - remember 50 pages in that I’d read it before - but never with a movie.

I’m sure I’ve had this experience now that my brain is aging and taking my memory with it. Of course, I can’t remember when, or which movies. It’s a Catch-22 question. Hmm, have I seen Catch-22?

Tank Girl. The first time I watched it I drank an entire bottle of vodka during the show. I have since watched it sober, and much as I love Lori Petty, I think I had the right idea the first time.

My wife put on Fright Night (the '85 original) while I started making dinner a few days ago. Little did I know that was the title of the hilariously campy vampire-next-door spoof that I had inexplicably seen only the second half of three times as a teenager. Roddy McDowell wasn’t even done with his TV show intro scene over the opening credits before I was laughing my ass off at the coincidence.

I rented a movie called The Lookout starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I sat down with my wife and started watching it. About 10 minutes into it we both realized we had already seen it. It’s actually a pretty good movie, but for some reason I had completely forgot that we had watched it before.

That Jack Reacher movie - you know, the one with diminutive Tom Cruise as towering Jack Reacher? Yeah, that one. Watched it twice - rented it once and totally forgot about it, then watched it again on HBO or whatever. It was a surreal experience; I totally didn’t remember the first viewing, but had this weird feeling of foreknowledge of all the plot points. “And now he’s going to do that and he knows this because of that thing there…” Really, really strange.

I think I twigged on that we’d watched it before about 30 minutes in. Seemed El SpouseO knew all the time, which made me all, “why didn’t you say something?!”

“Thor: The Dark World”

I had a similar experience with the second Narnia movie, Prince Caspian - I forgot I was watching a movie while I was watching the movie. I sat there staring in the direction of the screen, eyes defocused, thinking, “I’m bored. I should throw on a movie. Oh, wait! I’m already watching a movie!” I’d like to think that says more about the quality of the Narnia films than about my attentions to detail.

The Conformist. It’s happened to me with that movie twice. I never remember that I’ve seen it before until the scene where the women dance together.

Oddly, two of the times I watched it were with my parents. They didn’t remember that they’d seen it, either, and now when I describe it to them they draw a blank.

The Philip Seymor Hoffman movie Doubt. I have no idea when I saw it first but I know I had seen it before when I watched it again. And now really I can hardly remember the plot! (I am awful about remembering movie plots)

This Island Earth. I caught it just as it was starting on cable one Saturday afternoon a couple of years ago, and within ten minutes I was saying “I think I’ve seen this somewhere before…” Then one of the actors delivered a line I remembered and I was sure of it.

A friend and I picked out a movie called Hit and Run on Netflix that looked good. At the beginning is a bedroom scene with the main character and his girlfriend playfully fighting. I said to my friend, “This reminds me of a scene in another movie where the guy had this cool black car…in fact I think it was the same guy.” Turns out it was the same movie. Nice little caper road trip movie IMO.

My mother hated going to the movies alone, so she usually dragged me along with her, even when I was very, very young. For years, I remembered seeing a movie with her when I was five or six, and the only thing that stuck in my mind was that it had a hot, busty blonde running around in her bra and slip in a hotel room (I was a very, uhm, precocious child).

I wondered and wondered what film that was, and thought I’d never find out, until one day 20-odd years later when I accidentally caught it on TV. Imagine my shock when I learned it was…

Psycho! :eek: My mother was a big Hitchcock fan…! :smack:

This happened to me with Citizen Kane, of all things. It’s not that I didn’t remember it, but that I caught it after it had started and had no idea what the title was. I finally decided to see what the fuss was about and realized I’d seen it.

Not quite the same, but it wasn’t until over halfway through watching Gone, Baby Gone with Casey Affleck in the theater that I realized I had read the book! No wonder everything was so familiar (“there’s going to be a scene in a quarry coming up, wtf? I haven’t seen this before, it’s opening weekend!”).

Not a movie per se, but after I got into Douglas Adams I tracked down the HHGTTG mini series, and gradually realized I must have seen it on PBS many years before I was aware of the whole HHGTTG phenomenon.

I had the same thing, but in reverse, with Carl Hiassen’s Striptease. I was about fifty pages into the book when I realized I had seen the movie with Demi Moore. :smack:

Had you seen the original or the Mystery Science Theater version?

I believe it was the original, both times.