Last Name Association Game

I just got this idea from watching Craig Kilborn. The premise is to come up with three famous names with all of the last names or all of the first names being associated in some manner.

To play: Give two of the three names, let the next player come up with the third and, in addition, name the association.


Neil Diamond
Mary Hart

? = David Spade
The category = Card suits

Here we go…

Darryl Strawberry
Fiona Apple

Richard (per)Simmons
the category = fruits
Engelbert HumperdinckJoe Cocker

Peter O’ Toole
Category-dirty pee-pee names

This one’s kinda cheating, but what the hell-
Marky Mark, Sirhan Sirhan

Tommy Thomas (former MN guv?)
category - repetitive names
Joe Montana, Denzel Washington (too easy?)

Gary Indiana
category - State names

Larry King, Freddie Prinze…

David Duke

Category - “royalty”

Art Bell
Lena Horne

Brian Piccolo

category - Musical Instruments
Tom Kite
Dallas Drake

Ethan Hawke

category - birds

Joey Bishop
Steven King

Tom Kite
Dallas Drake
–Stephen Crane (poet)
Category: birds

David Lynch
Keanu Reeves
?? (I can think of two possible categories here!)

Stupid delay time…

Bobby Knight – Chess Pieces

Irving Berlin
Tom Paris

Joey Bishop
Stephen King…

Hmm… How about:

Bobby Knight (chess pieces)

Here’s one for the literati:

Benjamin Franklin
Arthur Miller…


Ezra Pound
Marky Mark…


Michael Jordan
Kathy Ireland…

Oooh, world capitals! How about…

Jack London!

Try these, animal lovers:

Angela Bassett
Zane Grey…

Ezra Pound
Marky Mark
–Curt Schilling (baseball player)
category-- currency types

I restate my previous one, unless astorian is gonna bomb us with options!

Elaine May
Don January…

Elizabeth Montgomery
Bob Denver…