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Is Carmen Electra (sp.) her birth name?

Google is your friend.

Tara Leigh Patrick
What a nice Irish girl :slight_smile:

Really? She changed her name from that? It’s so pretty! And it doesn’t make her sound like a porn star, either (though that might have been her intention)

Her heritage is Irish, German, and Cherokee.

And possibly vampire :wink:

Well, as long as we’re on the subject, IMDB can be your friend, too.

shudder One of her favorite movies is “Showgirls?” :confused:

And here I was hoping that she was related to Electra Woman and DynaGirl .

sorry I should have googled! Is Electra a real surname, it sounds made up…

See above… Electra was a goddess in Greek mythology.

I’m not sure if it’s a real surname or not, but I went to yahoo’s people search and typed in the surname “Electra” and it had 6 listings for the whole USA.

Not exactly. She was human.
Her dad had sacrificed her sister before heading off to the Trojan war. When he returned her mom killed her dad (to avenge their daughter), Electra was out of town at the time. When she returned, she and her brother killed their mom for killing their dad for killing their sister.
Then her brother went mad.

Kind of an odd thing to name yourself after.


Tara Patrick (a.k.a. Tera Patrick) has starred in numerous adult movies.

Fear not, the above link is to IMDB. But you could find her listed on numerous porns sites if you googled.