Last night my brother told me he was a member of a white power organization

Yeah. We were having one of our rare phone conversations (he’s 5 years younger than me at 45, married with a kid for the last 12 years, got ulcers and a truck and a gruntwork job, and hasn’t been out of West Virginia very much), just talking lightweight rebop about this and that, dogs and music and baseball and food, and commiserating about the price of pot and encroaching age, when somehow he brought it up, referring to himself *en passant *as “a card carrying member of the Aryan Nation–but I ain’t a goddamn skinhead!”

He’s always had a wide streak of the redneck in him, my kid brother (let’s call him Don for the purposes of this story); he’s also , as do I, got a somewhat warped and shock-happy sense of humor. So I figured he was trying to yank my chain and just shined that on at first --saying “Aw bullshit you are, Donny-dude. Aryan my pasty-white gay ass. Yeah it’s too bad you got the National Alliance and Zendick Farm settin up shop a county over from you, ain’t it? ‘N’ you talk about us being freaks *out here?*Hell’s ole meatax, Donny-boy, I’d be embarrassed to admit I lived back there if I was you, my man!”

He didn’t let me let it go at that, though. Started in about how *he *was a racist who admits it up front but we had the Crips and Bloods and M13 out here in California (I live in SF) and they hated white people’s very guts because of their color, and wasn’t that racist too? I tried to straighten him out on that, but then he asks me if, say he was to come out to visit me and go running around in Chinatown, wouldn’t they kick his ass for being a white guy?

In Chinatown?” I squawked “You got to be kidding, man.”

“Well [insert DLuxN8r-13’s given name here] I don’t know whether it’s Frisco you live in now, or Oakland, but ain’t there these ghetto ass neighborhoods with M13s and Crips and shit where I’d get my ass killed if anyone saw me there, because I’m white? And ain’t that racism?

“THere ain’t nobody out here gonna kill you because yer white, Don! Rob you, yeah, that can happen, but it ain’t racial shit.”

He kept on arguing variations on the being-attacked-for-being-Caucasian motif. After a moment I just yelled into the handset “Okay, okay dude, point fuckin’ taken. Look, Don, I really do not want to be arguing racial politics and shit with you, okay? You know it’s not something I’m gonna be chill about, and I ain’t gonna think the way you do ever, and we’ll both just fucking get pissed off…”

"Well, as long as you see m’point, DLux…"I sighed a deep and dirty sigh, and brought the conversation to a merciful halt. Say hi to the wife ‘n’ kid for me, and like that. And I hung up.

This has definitely upset me a tidj–even though we have 3000 miles and two decades separating us, and even though it’s not a total shock to hear him talking such ignorant bullshit, still…my kid brother, a White Power supremacist. Day-amn. You sure can get shook up by talking to the kinfolks sometimes.

Wow. Just wow. I think you handled that rather well.

Ooh yeah. Chinatown’s a total scary ghetto. Those shady Asians waiting around every corner with their, uh, ninja swords, ready to cut up Whitey.

Has he run into bad luck lately? Sounds like some run-of-the-mill scapegoating.

You are not the first to discover a family member is, for lack of a better description, a raving nutcase. Consider yourself lucky you do not have to sit down to dinner with him today for a few hours…there are lots of people in the US doing just that, and I still vividly recall wild ass arguments with my idiot Uncle Joe every Thanksgiving - and that was over 40 years ago!

There isn’t really much you can do about it…just like I doubt he could turn you into a white supremacist, you are going to have equally little luck turning him around.

You might not want to invite him to SF to watch the next Gay Pride Parade though.

Maybe Santa will leave a copy of American History X in his stocking.

Wow, it’s been years since I considered paranoia as a recruiting tool for the haters. Is he single? Does his SO feel the same way?

Who was it who said, “Life’s too short for hate”?

Love, Phil

New Math is confusing. :confused:

Actually, I assume that you’re a half-decade apart, but that you haven’t seen him in 20 years. :wink:

If there was ever a “Compulsory Viewing” list, that should definitely be one of the films on it!

Unfortunately, the election of Barack Obama (widely known to have fathered a black child) has been, ah, “good” for interest in the white supremacist movement.

TWO black children!

Hey, invite him over for a visit. Even if he doesn’t change his mind after he sees what Chinatown is really like, it might be good for his kids.

The kid from Terminator said “Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time.”

I quoted that to a kid who was talking like DLux’s brother one time and I could actually see the gears grinding in his head, and then he dropped the subject and walked off.

I recently ended a friendship for my husband and I based on this kind of crazy bigotry. During the time I felt forced to deal with him, these quotes from George Washington Carver helped me.

“When our thoughts - which bring actions - are filled with hate against anyone, Negro or white, we are in a living hell. That is as real as hell will ever be.”

“Fear of something is at the root of hate for others, and hate within will eventually destroy the hater.”

Damn, that sucks. There’s a part of your mind that always knows hat these types of people exist, but having it brought to your attention that your own blood is a art of it just makes it that much more real, you know? You have my sympathies.

You also have my applause, because I think you handled the situation extremely well. Bravo to you, sir.