Pit your bigoted relatives.

I’ll go first. My parents are finally remodeling my grandparents house and moving into it. My older brother is doing alot of the work. I’ve been helping out with some minor stuff (like helping run pipes, staining, etc) as a favour to my parents (also to stave of the boredom of unemployment) and because I’m scheduled to inherit next (though I doubt I’ll ever actually live in it). This brother is also a bigot who’s done charming things like refer to Obama as a “sand nigger that’s also real nigger”, has a lawn jockey that looks like something out of the '40s, and has target practice papers with Obama’s picture on them among other things. His ex-wife isn’t much better.

Now crap like this comes up in conversation surprisingly rarely. He’s normally good at keeping his mouth shut. That work’s both ways. There are four subjects that nobody talks about at family gatherings; race, politics, religion, & sex. So because it was a snow day one of my nieces was done there with him. I was down to stain some shelves. Niece (who’s 16) asked my where I was working now, I told her I’m still unemployed (so is big brother). My brother suddenly make’s a comment about Obama “fixing it so that all the brothers don’t have to work and us white folks going along for the ride”. :rolleyes: He damn well knows better, but he still expected me to laugh. I bit my tounge and said nothing. Then I asked me if I still supported Obama. I told him I didn’t want to talk about politics. Then kept asking my how many aides Michelle Obama has. Apparently she has 28 that no other First Lady (including Jackie Kennedy) has ever had more than 2. Their collective salaries total over 2 million dollars of “our money”. Mrs Obama also has her own personal chef (seperate from normal White House kitchen staff, he was very clear on that). I try to disagree; he just says the same fucking thing again, louder and smiling.

As always he’s not interested in hearing anything different. Nor citing his sources. And as always he acts as if you’re the stupid one that just can’t see the truth. Yes, I realize he’s trying to provoke me (though I sometimes wonder if he realizes it). Part of me can’t wait until our father dies and I never have to speak to him again. Part of me want’s to be sitting there with a video camera the first time one of his daughters brings home a black guy. Part of me wonder’s if I can get the Secret Service to visit him with an anonymous tip about the aforementioned target practice sheets.

Sure, he says “sand nigger that’s also real nigger” and “fixing it so that all the brothers don’t have to work and us white folks going along for the ride”, but you also said “I realize he’s trying to provoke me”, so I really don’t know what to think about the guy. Sounds more like he hates Obama than hates black people.

Anyway, in my conservative Catholic family, anything having to do with sex is pretty bigoted. Abortion, homosexuality, premarital sex - you name it, they hate it.

Oh man everyone is so bigoted. I’m like the only sophisticated person in this one-horse town. One day I’ll make it out to Hollywood.

My great uncle, Teague Maupin, was a constable in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He was a mean cop. He once coldcocked a black woman for not sitting on the back of the bus. He also used to bust black moonshine parlors and give the proceeds to his bootlegger brother (my grandfather, who, to his credit, wasn’t racist and was very sorry for his misspent youth) I despise my great uncle’s memory. :frowning:

Do you think your brother will do a shoddy job if you speak up? Let him provoke you, tell him he’s a stupid dipshit racist.

I had a yelling match with an aunt about gay marriage. I never knew her feelings run so deep. We don’t speak anymore. As far as I’m concerned, it works out, because I don’t want to speak and be on friendly terms with a homophobic twit like that. I would do it again, and years sooner if I knew her mindset.

No, he’s been saying crap like that since long before Obama was on the radar. Of course he denies being a racist or hating black people. He just thinks that blacks & whites shouldn’t mix (or Og-forbid marry), segregation was a good thing, black people are naturally lazy and prone to crime, that black people all want welfare instead of work. That “white people” all need to stick together. He says similiar things about Hispanics (& makes no distinction between “Hispanic” and “illegal immigrant”) adding that they’re trying to take over the country and make everyone speak Spanish. As far as he’s concerned Arab=Muslim=Terrorist.

OK, I will.

My uncle sent out a mass e-mail a couple of days ago that bashed Obama, as my entire extended family likes to do. It ended with the tagline: “Send the rookie Muslim back where he came from!”

Sigh…so my brother “replied all” that those kinds of bigoted comments weren’t appreciated by those of us who live next to, teach, and play with, Muslim children and their parents (he’s an elementary school teacher in Seattle).

Now my brother has 90% of the family mad at him for calling my uncle a bigot. My brother says “don’t say it if you’re not ready to back it up.” The rest of the family says “we’re not bigots, we just don’t want a black Muslim as our President.”

I say “I love my family…when they don’t talk about politics.”


My annual talk with my FIL to not discuss the evil Jews when he comes to our house, where our Jewish friends will be in attendance? He is racist, anti-semetic, yet I love him.

My own father adds in misogyny as well. He still shakes his head at the fact that the toughest Marine I knew was a woman.

My mother forwards glurge and anti-Obama nonsense regularly.

The deep-seated homophobia of my sister-in law kills me.

I have mentioned in the past that I am a Scoutmaster, and the Boy Scouts are officially homophobic. LOTS of us hate that aspect of our volunteer time.

I have given up on shutting up family - I just ask them to shut up when at my home. I tell them to not use certain language around my kids.

I was going to pit my brother who was the most racist, homophobic, ignorant and religious person I knew. Since he dropped dead yesterday morning I guess I won’t. I just wished his legacy didn’t live on in his son who is nearly as bad or his sons children who are learning from their father.

My father-in-law, besides thinking that all Muslims are hateful terrorists, has said that if gay/lesbian people want to marry, one of them should get a sex change, like the brother (once sister) of one of my brothers-in-law did. Because that’s ‘natural,’ unlike homosexuality.

Yeah. Seriously. Homosexuality is “unnatural” and against God, but a sex-change and marrying the opposite sex after is A-OK. He’s not even thinking about the whole gender identity issue here, of course. That doesn’t mean anything to him - it’s all about sexual activity/desire.

Oh, and he tells the tale - often and with great delight - about how when he was young and a gay guy hit on him (the story of exactly what the advance was varies between tellings), so he beat the crap out of the guy. I can believe he’d beat someone for no good reason, as he beat his wife and kids too.

I win. I won’t even post any reasons why I win; I just win because of the man my sister married. Unless any of you have a relative who actually goes out hunting people of color with a shotgun, he’s got them beat. Any meanness they’ve spouted, he’s trumped it. N-word? Sprinkled in nearly every conversation, even in front of his young grandchildren. Hates everyone nearly equally, but especially liberal people of color who are gay Jews. I hate this fucker and he’s one of the few people on the planet that I wish had died 30 years ago.

Everytime I’ve read something about your bigot-in-law I’ve started to wonder if your related to my brother. Then I remember his wife had no brothers.

  1. My family is watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Los Angeles Olympics. There is huge speculation as to who will be lighting the torch. The torch enters the stadium, and ends up in the hands of…

Mom: “Figures they’d give it to a black.”

Me, Dad: “WTF? That’s Rafer Fucking Johnson!”

Dad and I both got up and left the room in disgust.
She hasn’t mellowed any in the last 26 years.

I had an uncle – a WWII veteran – who once said that we made a mistake in WWII; we should have gone after the Japs first, and waited to go after Nazi Germany until they had finished off all the Jews.

My brother is turning into a racist. He’s got that middle class white youth alienation thing going on. “I don’t feel British”, he says, as if the Polish pickle aisle in Tescos is a personal affront. Well no, you wouldn’t feel British, Chris, because you’re a Briton in Britain, surrounded by the fucking British. You’re watching Top Gear and eating fucking Marmite. I only feel British when I’m out of the country, you tit.

I should intervene positively; I know - I should associate with him more and lead by example instead of calling him a goddamn bigot (or a tit) and leaving. It just makes me so fucking tired. He’s brighter than this crap.

I’m sorry for your loss, Tinkertoy.

My family is extremely racist and homophobic and religious. I still have racist feelings, but I’m working on them. My family…well, I love them. Mostly we avoid those subjects.

Although we do place bets at Thanksgiving as to whether Uncle David’s going to speechify about the niggers or the faggots this year.

My father-in-law is an 84 year old Pole, and was a prisoner/laborer for the Nazis in Italy. On the one hand, I love hearing first person accounts of this period in history, but on the other, I could do without the low-grade anti-Semitism.

My family is pretty good about these things, frankly. But they have their moments.

My dad is constantly railing against racism - as an Indian guy who moved to England in the seventies, just a few years after Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech, he dealt with some real racism - nothing like what black folk dealt with in the American South at the time, but still bad. Suffice to say the last time he had a brick chucked at his head while walking down the street, with an accompanying sentiment along the lines of “go home, Paki!” it wasn’t the first time.

I was visiting him and my stepmother in London and we were driving somewhere. Regents Street, I think. Some guy cut him off in traffic, Dad muttered. We changed lanes and passed the car a few minutes later. “He’s black,” said Dad. “Of course.”

It was both a moment of enlightenment and depression to me. It was almost as though he’d have been less upset if a white man had cut him off, but a black man was the ultimate insult.

Did you back up your brother? Seems like the least you could do.

[quote=“t-bonham@scc.net, post:14, topic:528606”]

I had an uncle – a WWII veteran – who once said that we made a mistake in WWII; we should have gone after the Japs first, and waited to go after Nazi Germany until they had finished off all the Jews.[/QUOTE

My grandfather - also a WWII veteran - knew guys like that in the service. They’re the reason he was court martialled three times for fighting.

My sister is 49. At the age of 17, while still in high school, she came out as a Lesbian, and was kicked out of my parent’s house for it and denied any support for college. An incredibly brave thing to do in those days.

Thirty two years later, her relationship with our parents is good.

But yet my Faux News watching mother still makes comments in my presence about “those gays” and how they’re hurting this country. Mom, you’re a dumbass.