Last Night...Wow...

I think I’m in love…with a bass guitar.

I walked into the music store last night to pay my bass bill. I rented my current bass for quite a while, some of the payments went towards buying it, and have been paying off the remainder little by little. After paying, I went over to talk with a friend of mine who works there. He was already talking with another friend of mine.

“Yeah, we just got in a new shipment of Music Man guitars,” he said happily.
“Pardon?” said I, “Music Man? As in Ernie Ball Music Man?”
“Yep, there’s that yellow one there, that one over there…”
“Um…I don’t suppose that…you got in any of their basses?”
He replied that they indeed had. So I asked what is, for me, the next obvious question: had they gotten in any 5-strings. My friend said that they had, and pointed to a spot on the wall. My eyes followed his finger slowly, and I swear my head made a swish like that of a sword in a Samurai movie when a fight’s in slow-motion. There…on the wall…was a brand new Ernie Ball Music Man 5-string bass. I raced over to look at it.

It was high up on the wall of basses, so as to be held in the highest of esteem. It was truly a thing of beauty; cherry red, with a wood finish. My friend asked if I’d like to see it. My reply, over my drooling gaze, was a “yes”.
“Look,” said my friend, “There’s a step-ladder right in front.”
Indeed, there was. It must have been fate. I slowly stepped up like Romeo to Juliet…yeah, yeah, I’m gettting carried away, but it was soooooooo sweet.

I took it down and played a little. It was a little odd at first, as I’m used to a 4-string. I plugged it into an amp and started playing some riffs. If you flatten out the brightness just right, it sounds like a grand piano. The low string is so crisp, with no buzz at all. Shoot, I probably played that sucker for a good half-hour. In no time at all, I felt completely at ease with it.

The main problem…sigh…is the price-tag: $1825. Even though that’s Canadian, it’s still a lot. That’s a semester’s tuition for me. So, I’ll probably be acting a little like Wayne from Wayne’s World for a long time. I’ll stop in on the way home from school, just to play a few tunes, if they’ll let me. Hopefully nobody will purchase it anytime soon…

But at least we’ll have last night…right baby?..
Rob looks away dreamily

::reads thread title::

::raises eyebrow::

::reads post::

::disappointed sigh::

Dammit, rob. Here I was thinking you got some last night.
Kidding! I’m KIDDING! Hey! Put that amp down!





Wish I’d been there, rob. We coulda had a threesome. :wink:

slowly…lowers…amp Audrey:stuck_out_tongue:
But you see, I did get some…yeah, yeah, well poo on you!
I know why you were really disappointed, though. :wink:
Jester, no, I’m her one and only…oh…all right, I’ll talk it over with her. :smiley: