Last read not resetting

On my subscribed threads, I’m noticing that on later visits during the day, I’m still getting the same “first unread” on two or three listings. I’m on the current version of Chrome.

I get that a lot. Threads still marked Unread until I’ve gone into them two or three times. On my PC using Firefox.

Problem has persisted after clearing cookies, BTW.

Not being marked in which way? They are still bold? That’s on the server, probably because it’s overloaded.

They haven’t changed to gray? That’s a browser issue. Not cookies so much as making sure your history is working properly.

But were you still logged in? That could make a difference.

Log out of the Dope, close all windows, clear cookies, restart internet browser, log back in to the Dope. See if that works.

No, that does not work, at least not for me. It doesn’t happen all the time, not even most of the time. Just the odd thread or three on any given day. Just a little while ago, I had to go into one thread three different times before it would finally be marked Read.

This is a new issue for me. My previous problem with the board has always been seeing everything as ‘read’ because the board has me as having visited x seconds ago. Irritating in the extreme because the ‘View First Unread’ link isn’t there.

Now the ‘view first unread’ link just takes me to the first post in a thread, regardless of how many times I’ve visited that thread.