Late 60's US President figurines...collect 'em all!

A friend of mine has a cool collection of US President figurines (Washington through Nixon) that he owns complete with a styrofoam plinth and columns to display them. They were a promotional giveaway item in the late 60’s from some food store chain, I think (in the Chicago area, it would have been either Jewel or Dominick’s). I’m trying to get some idea of the value of the collection, but don’t see anything about them on Ebay or in a general Google search. Does anyone else remember any more details about them or know their value?

I couldn’t find anything either but it seems like something that would make the appraisers on Antiques Roadshow giggle like schoolgirls.


An Ebay search In “Collectables” for “presidents” turned up this, along with a few similar listings. Apparently Marx toy company put these things out for years, first as “paint-it-yourself” white figures, then as the full color ones that I remember. Jewel foodstores gave them away (one per week) in the late 60’s, and I’m guessing they stopped making them shortly after that.

It looks like they’se not especially valuable, but they look pretty cool anyway.

I saw the title and thought, how long could it take to collect figurines of presidents from the late 60’s? There were only two of them!