Late to the Party : League of Legends

Started playing this week. I definitely see the appeal, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get beyond play vs. bots. I don’t see myself mastering this game anytime soon.

Been trying to play different lanes, and figure out if one in particular suits me.

How many SDMB folks are in LoL?

I got hooked on it over the summer. I pretty much only play bots as well. I’m pretty decent at Morgana support, and Tristana or Jinx ADC.

I’d love to find a handful of other players, who, like me would like to get better at the game, but still have fun with it and not have to worry about teammates becoming raging assholes over mistakes to play some PVP with. Basically, with League I’m not so worried about the other team as I am my own (random, team builder) team sucking the fun out of it!

Feel free to add me, “Chancre Sore” (that account is lvl 30, I just use it for bot games) and “Rattlehead02” (low level, I use it for PVP games so I don’t get stuck against other level 30’s on my main account).

I will do that. I am, of course, “CandidGamera”.

Excellent! I’m not sure when I’ll be on next. It may not be until next week.

And, I’m no pro by any means, and I’m pretty much a dummy when it comes to buying items (I typically go with what’s recommended or find a guide on, but if you need tips for overall strategy I may be able to help.


Been playing for years now. It’s a really tough game for a new player unfamiliar with the genre to get into… there’s a huge learning curve just in game knowledge alone, much less the actual physical mechanics. On top of that, the game just lends itself to being one of the most toxic playerbase out there. So yeah, I’d stick with bots for awhile, as the players there are (mostly) friendly.

The only MOBA I’ve ever played is Vainglory on IOS. It’s relatively new and simpler than LOL (fewer characters, only one lane, smaller jungle area). The biggest advantage…no in-game chat, so if some 13 year old think I’m a noob, I don’t hear about it.

Hadn’t heard of Vainglory…

I’ve been playing since Season 3 - just hit Gold a couple weeks ago. I play Support, Jungle, and ADC. I study the game a lot so if you want to learn I’d be happy to help. XannyTheNanny is my summoner name.

ETA - I’m on NA server

Thanks! I am hoping I get some time to indulge in it this week.

I’ve been playing for a couple months. I’m no ringer, but I manage to not suck enough to enjoy the game. I’ve still learning how to fight many champions. I haven’t latched on to a role so much as champions. Some click, some don’t. My favorite is probably Mordekaiser in the mid lane. It takes patience and it’s really easy to over commit with him, but it suits my playstyle. Likewise Garen top is another where I can slowly grind a victory with patience. Assassins don’t click with me much.