Lateral Thigh Trainer - do you have one?

I bought a lateral thigh trainer (the kind that goes from side to side as well as up and down) and only used it this morning - my God! I sweated so much, even my forearms were sweating! Ok it was in a warm room but I opened the window and I didn’t feel extraordinarily hot - just sweating. Don’t they say sweating is a sign of a good work out though?

I bought mine to bring on holiday with me - I won’t be able to go to my regular gym and I wanted to keep up the momentum I’ve built up. My plan is to do 30 minutes every morning (like this morning) and then anything else I do, walking etc, is a bonus on top. It does start the day off wonderfully well.

Does anyone else here own one? Have you used it? What do you think? What kind of results are you getting?