Lateral Thinking Puzzles. Let's do it again!

We did this two years ago and I thought we’d had enough of a break to maybe have another shot at it. Very open to whatever, but let’s try to:

  1. Not reuse puzzles from the old thread, which is not databased, but I hope you can do a search within. If it happens, it happens.

  2. If you have heard it already, I would suggest we not blurt out the answer. Let’s give people a shot to solve it. No googling, obviously.

I’ll go first. Not sure how great this one is, but it should get us started.

**A burglar is lifting two bars of gold, each so heavy he can not lift them above his waist. On the way out, he sees a security camera. With some very quick thinking, he disguises himself without putting down the gold bars. How?

OK, no clue yet, but let’s have some questions to narrow things down a bit:

Does the disguise leave the gold bars visible?
Does the disguise leave him looking human?
Does the disguise leave him looking like someone who is authorized to move the gold bars?
Does the process of disguising himself require the use of his hands?
Would the disguise actually be effective versus the camera?
Would the disguise actually be effective versus a human passerby?
Would the disguise actually be effective against a guard?
Is he stealing the bars of gold from a place where they were intended to be stored securely?

Answers in quote.

Does the disguise:

change the appearance of the thief?
distort the camera image?
require the use of an item(s) not mentioned in the puzzle?

Is the normal appearance of the thief relevant?

Is the number of gold bars significant?

Does he smash the camera with a gold bar?

Answers up there.

Does the disguise make it look like the gold bars are part of his clothing?

Did the thief already have the additional item(s) on his person?

Would knowing the additional item(s) solve the puzzle?

Are they standard bars of gold with the same dimensions that we see in the movies?

OK He pulls his sweater over his head and down each arm so that the gold bars are covered, one in each hand. He is bent over from the weight so he twerks his way out past the camera. Not suspicious at all, just a guy twerkin’ it.





Are the additional items usually used in cleaning?
Are the additional items usually used in general maintainance?
Are the additional items things that he used to lift the bars in the first place?

Are the additional items already on his person?

Does he need the disguise to get out of the building or just to prevent being recognized afterwards?

Maybe you got it. A bit of soapy water and some rags and he could just be cleaning the floor with the gold bricks hidden under the rags.

A previous answer did say that the bricks were still visible though.

Here’s a specific guess - the thief used a pallet lifter to pick up the heavy gold bars, then turned them point-on to the camera so they seem like headlights

Use shoelaces to tie bricks to bottom of shoes?

  1. NO
  2. NO
  3. NO


I’m not sure what you mean.




I’ll just answer as I get it.

Does he need a disguise to get out?


Does he need a disguise to prevent recognition?


Is it additional “item”? Or “items” ?

Was the item(s) part of the thief’s clothing?
Was the item(s) carried in the thief’s pocket?
Was the item(s) an accessory like a watch or earrings?
Is the sex of the thief relevant?
Was the item(s) brought along to help with the crime?
Does the location of the crime matter?
Does it matter that gold bricks were being stolen as opposed to something else heavy?

Guess- He’s wearing a welder’s mask on his head and he quickly flicks it down by nodding his head.