Latest Focus on the Family dumbassery

Wells Fargo & Co. earned a 100% from the Human Rights Campaign for 2005. In response, Focus on the Family, which used Wells Fargo, has moved their accounts.

I’m not really peeved enough to rant; it’s more of a rolling my eyes kind of reaction. However, the topic might lead to being a Pit anyway, so here it resides.

Good thing we have those guys looking after our families. Where would we be without that “focus”? We all know, of course, that gay = anti-family. Right?

Well, they’ve made me very glad that I recently switched to Wells Fargo.

To quote a bumper sticker: Why can’t they focus on their own families?

I have to wonder if this kind of crap is going to backfire, and generate more sympathy for the “gay cause”. It just seems so petty and mean spirited. Sure, there are plenty of social conservatives who eat this stuff up, but the vast undecided middle has to look askance at this kind of vindictiveness.

I don’t mean to hijack this thread, but where can I go to learn all about the “radical homosexual agenda?” I’ve known some gay guys; I’ve even worked with a few. I thought we were buddies, but none of them ever tried to recruit me or whatever they do. At least one of them might have had a chance, if he had only tried. I guess I just don’t fit the agenda profile.

One can only hope.

The first rule of the Radical Homosexual Agenda is “Do not talk about the Radical Homosexual Agenda.”

As an aside, the last time we went to Chik-fil-A, we ordered a kid’s meal. The toy was actually a CD with a story for children on it, put out by none other than Focus on the Family. I knew that Chik-fil-A was religious, but I didn’t know that they had thrown in with the crazies.

I am going to have to give up the tasty, yummy chicken sandwiches.

To gain general acceptance of gay’s lifestyle. Wells Fargo, for instance, allows gay’s to include their partners under some of their benefits, as if they were married. Of course some find this more “radical” then others.

gays’, gays.

So, I assume “Focus on the Family” has taken care of alcoholism, unemployment, lack of adequate healthcare, and all the other real threats to families, and now they’re just giddy with success and gettin’ silly?

I am so glad I bank with Wells Fargo. :slight_smile:

Yeah. I don’t know why I do that.

Good for Wells Fargo. You still couldn’t pay me to bank with them, though. Too many bad experiences in the past with them and I’ve got better options.

The second rule is “No white pants or white shoes (other than name brand tennis shoes) after Labor Day or before Memorial Day, ever!”

This just in! FotF is boycotting ben gay.

I knew something wasn’t right when the bank manager kept asking if I wanted to “Open Another Account” while leering suggestively at me.

FOTF is also demanding that performances of The Music Man must cut out the song The Wells Fargo Wagon. :smiley:

We should start a support group.

Or, y’know, just use the recipe in Top Secret Recipes to make the chicken at home without the craziness.

Come to think of it, those lyrics were pretty damned suggestive.
Oho, the WFW is a’comin now
Oh, please let it be for me.
Oho, the WFW is a’comin down the street-
I wish, I wish I knew what it could be…
I could go on, but don’t want to type that much…

FOTF eats stupid food for breakfast.