Latest Mafia Game

We haven’t had much mafia around here lately. I was first exposed to the forum game over a decade ago in Werewolf a game Part 2 (this time with MAFIA!). What aggravating fun it was!

Is there any interest in starting it up again? I’d be happy either playing or running a game. We have some old hands still here, but it’s easy for newcomers to get the hang of it. Best way to learn it is to jump in.

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I’ll be running a sock-only Halloween mafia game over on the Giraffe board. It’s fun to play mafia when no one knows who you are! Create a sock over there (obviously, no socks allowed here), and sign up in the thread below. The theme is D&D where the “town” is the monsters of a dungeon against player-character “scum”.Monster Manual Mafia.

Just want to jump in and endorse this. I played my first mafia game on the SDMB about four years ago. I figured what the heck, give it a try. I got a role and got to pontificate to my heart’s content. Woo hoo!

I had such a good time playing that game and was completely hooked. There is almost always a game running at Giraffe and even when I get booted early like last time I always have fun.

I think a lot of our regular “thread games” players would be excellent. You will have fun.

I’ll second this endorsement. A fresh injection of new and different players (and their socks) would be great!

I have a game in mind, that I was going to post here in the next day or three (I just finished up with a big time-sink at work). Obviously this one would be under folks’ usual usernames.

Mafia is infernally addicting.

Chronos, I am extremely fond of our SDMB and would play a game here. The Big Game from a couple of year’s ago was a blast. The SDMB storyteller game, which was my first, was also stellar. As was Johnny Bravo’s SDMB game, where I got to be Scum for the first time and we came so very close to winning. Dang coin flip. :mad:

I learned a lot from you and Mahaloth who were my co-masons in that first game several years ago. I absolutely love Mafia even when I get it all wrong yet again.

That said, it would be difficult to play in two games at the same time. (I may or may not be able to play in the upcoming Giraffe game because it coincides with my family vacation. However, many of the probable players here also play there. That could be an issue.)

I strongly encourage other Thread Games regulars to try Mafia. So often while reading some of the posters in this forum I think: “That person would be a fun Mafia player. I hope they someday sign up for a game.” **I am looking at you: Made-up False trivia posters :dubious:. **Mafia is great because if you are villain Scum you get to lie for fun and reputation. And if you are friendly Town you get to be Sherlock Holmes and root out those heels.

I’d love to play in your game, except I can’t really play in one game while moderating another (both in terms of time and ethics). Maybe you can run it as a newbie game with mostly all new players, if they can be found.

It’s great fun if you have the time to do the analysis. I keep meaning to get back over to the Giraffe Boards, but life has other plans.

We miss you! tear

We miss you. Lynch the Lurker IS the best long-term policy, even if the data does not seem to back it up.

It’s even more fun then counting to a million. And definitely just as silly.

Still four possible openings.

I’m thinking of quitting my job and focus on counting to 1 million professionally. Join the world circuit.

Haven’t you done enough damage messing with everybody’s username? Please have mercy!

I haven’t played Mafia before, but I’d love to give it a shot.

There’s too much doping in the pros. Stay amateur, that’s where all the fun is.

Your sock is welcome in my game on Giraffe (if you’re not already signed up, who knows?). Or read the game there and wait for Chronos to start up here.

Have we had one here since NAF and I hosted the Big Game?

Mine’s up

What happened to that sequel we were working on?

We all got busy I guess.

I unequivocally don’t have time to play mafia right now. But I miss it. I’ll watch with interest.

I hope we can do it again. Maybe we should just make a simple game next time and try to invite as many as possible.

Well, not “as simple as possible”. At the very least, a mammoth monster game like that needs mechanics for multiple kills per cycle, to keep the duration reasonable.

**Vote Mahaloth. ** For old times sake.