Latest version of Internet Explorer, possible to download whole thing?

I would like to get the installation file(s) for the latest version of MS Internet Explorer.

I don’t want to use that stupid little file that upgrades your browser online. I would like to get the whole thing in one go so I can install it on multiple computers without wasting bandwidth.

Is there a way to get the whole program like this?


AFAIK, the only thing you can download is the stupid installation program–I had a problem a while back where my IE was munged up so I tried to just download it and reinstall, but all you can get is the install program that then uses IE to get the rest, which was exactly what I couldn’t use in the first place.

You’ll probably have to get it on CD if you want the actual program; that’s what I had to do.

Here’s a page that gives links to download all the files (about 20 of them), but that seems like a lot of work:

Another option is to use the installer once, and install from disk for the rest. The trick is to find the option buried somewhere in the installer to “Download only and Install later”. I think it’s somewhere under an “Advanced” button. I’d find the exact location, but the stupid installer won’t let me run it since I already have that version installed.

There is a way to do it. First, download the installer program. Run the installer program, after accepting the licence there will be 2 options. Select the second one. Then click on the ADVANCED button, and select download only. It will then let you chose a directory to download to.