Latin speakers: Pointless question. Please help.

I’m trying to compose a new signature, and I don’t know what to do with it. I want a parody of “cogito ergo sum”:
I don’t think much, therefore I might not be.

But I want it in elegant, correct Latin.

The best I can come up with, never having studied Latin, is this:
Non multum cogito ergo non sum potestas est

I know it probably looks like a 1 year old child speaking latin, but I don’t know word order, noun and verb forms, basic vocabulary…Let’s face it: I have no clue at all. I’ve been searching the internet and tacking phrases together. I’m lost.

Is anybody willing to help? Please?

That’s pretty close, but potestas is a noun that can be translated might (=power). You want the verb “might,” but probably the subjunctive verb sim (“I may be”) would suit better.

Non multum cogito ergo non sim

Thanks. You kick ass. :smiley: