Laughter really IS the best medicine

I’ve been in a bad mood most of the night. Can’t even really explain why, 'cause it’s just one of those things that one thing hit me wrong after a rough day at work anyway, and swoosh! Bad mood central.

Then I walked out in the living room to ask my step-mom if she was getting ready for bed. “No, I’m getting ready to go pick up your sister-in-law from work.”

I asked her if she wanted me to get her instead, thinking that she had to be at work at 7, whereas I don’t need to be in until 8:30. She told me no, because I had to work in the morning. When I said “Well, so do you, and you need to be up earlier.” her response was “Oh no I don’t! It’s my day off! I’ll be in whenever I darn well please!” Somehow, the way she said it just struck me FUNNY and I laughed a good 10 minutes, tears streaming down my eyes. And when I stopped laughing, I realized I wasn’t in a bad mood anymore! Like a catharsis (which I probably haven’t spelled right)

Ok, I know. None of you probably care. But I just felt like I HAD to share… 'cause now I’m in a good mood… And maybe someone else has a good “Laughter is the best medicine” story to share???


I had spent a few days over New Years in Calgary with my best friend, and when I came home I was horribly depressed.

I didn’t eat for about a week, and all I wanted to or could do was sleep. Then one day I was lying on the couch trying to fall asleep when my cat came into the room and meowed at me.

I looked up and he just started jogging back and forth. From the couch to the window, the window to the couch, the chair to the wall and back again. Wiggling his little bum the whole time.

It was absolutely hilarious.

Although it was only a temporary remedy, it definitly had me back up to a normal level for a few minutes.

I was at work today, and in the worst possible mood. My car wouldn’t start (turns out I need a new starter), and I’m still pretty fragile from my aunt’s death last week. Add to that a cold that will not go away and the huge workload I faced, and I was pissed as hell.

So then I walk over to my old department to get some razor blades for my box cutter, and Kirk’s there, who is without a doubt my best buddy these days. Just for a mental picture, he’s a really thin forty-year-old homosexual black man. He insists on wearing his glasses really far down on his nose, with the earpieces sitting high on his bald head. He’s absolutely fab-ooo-lus, as he tells me all the goddamn time.

I’m loading the blade, cussing under my breath, when Kirk comes over. He goes, “Hi sweetie,” and because of my lousy mood and sore throat, I just go, “Do you have anything hard I can suck on?”

Kirk pauses for a second, our eyes meet as I realize what he says. He throws back his head, does this fake hair flip thing, then looks down his nose at me and goes, “Oh, wouldn’t you like to know, baby. Wouldn’t you like tah know!” and sashays away, doing his model walk.

I just burst out laughing, and he came over laughing and gave me a hug, and I kept laughing until I was crying. It was the most wonderful moment, and put me in a better mood for the rest of the day.

Laugh at my car.

Just wrote the check for the next 6 months insurance. My car is so old the antitheft discount is $2.55.