Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book exp./where do I find wheat berries?

A two-part question:

  1. We’ve had the Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book around for awhile, and I’ve made some very tasty loaves of 100% whole wheat bread from them. Now that we’re living in a house with a basement that stays a relatively cool 65-70 degrees all the time, I’m thinking of attempting the recipe for Flemish Desem bread. You know, the one that requires you to put the starter ball in the 10-pound bag of flour for the first five days, and so forth. Anyone ever done this recipe? Is it worth it? Also, thoughts on this particular recipe book in general, or advice on other good bread cookbooks to try out?

  2. We have the KitchenAid grain grinder. I’ve used it before, back when we lived in Seattle, to grind our own wheat berries into whole wheat flour. Now I live in southeastern Ohio and have no idea where to find organic wheat berries. Are they available online somewhere? Or if anyone happens to know of a retailer who sells them in central/southeastern Ohio, that would be cool too.

Thanks for advice, tips, whatever. I love bread so much.

No idea on the first part-I’m not a bread baker. Never got the hang of it.

As for the second part, you can get organic wheat and scads of other grains at Diamond Organics. I’ve not bought from them yet myself but I’ve read good things about them in the cooking magazines.