Lauren Mayers' song "Lounge Pianist's Lament"

Dopers who are fans of Dr. Demento have probably heard Ms. Mayers’ song, in which she plays melodies on the piano and sings her own lyrics, beginning with a few lines from the theme for Love Story:
Where do I begin
To tell the story of a pianist in a bar?
You practice years and hope someday you’ll be a star;
But pretty soon you realize just what you are:
You’re Muzak,
You’re just human Muzak,
Nothing more than Muzak,
That plays requests…
["Theme from An Ameriocan Tail":
Somewhere out there, in some big concert hall,
Someone’s playing Chopin, and no one sings along at all.
[(Unidentified title):]
Play a song,
With all of your soul (hey, hey),
With technique and control (Oh, you’re beautiful!)
And you notice that no one’s listening…