Law & Order: Criminal Intent and SVU 2/6

I rarely see any Law & Order threads here so I may be the Lone Ranger, but just in case someone here did see Tuesday’s episodes, here goes . . .

On L&O:CI - Did we ever learn who shot the judge from afar during the duel? The chaufuer set it up, the wife knew about it, but I don’t remember that we ever learned who the actual shooter was.

On L&O: SVU - Why did Olivia, the immigrant mother and the son all pass out at the same moment? The evil basement living guy had been spraying the building with the pesticide for a while. Why would everybody suddenly get sick on the same night at the same moment, especially Olivia who was only exposed for a few minutes?

I wasn’t drinking and was paying close attention to both shows, but somehow these points slipped by me. Lately I have trouble keeping all the names straight on all three L&Os. The detectives interview many people for a few seconds of screen time and then refer back to them for the rest of the show. Many of the people they continue to discuss never even reappear in the episode. I know I’m getting old, but this seems to be getting worse each season. Maybe I should stick to Deal or No Deal.

It was the guy they found garrotted with the chalk line that was planted in the husband’s coat.

Missed this one.

I have that problem too. It doesn’t help that I’ve seen so many that most of these smaller roles are filled with the same actors that have been in other episodes in the L&O Universe so I get even more confused.