Law & Order: SVU 9/27/05

Okay, thus far, here’s what happened…

A young pregnant woman attempts suicide and is stopped by Olivia; she claims she was raped by a wealthy man she met in a bar. She was 35 weeks pregnant when Olivia met her, and the accused rapist gets put on trial…before she delivers.

Doesn’t that time sequence seem a little rushed? Rich man, good lawyer–how on Earth does this case get through investigation, grand jury, and everything else in less than a month?

It’s just suspension of disbelief. If they showed all the boring stuff a real trial would involve, no one would watch. I just think of the show as occuring in an alternate universe where all the things you’ve mentioned can be wrapped up in minutes.

It’s true that the pregnancy made this aspect of L&O a little more glaring.

Except that there was no need for this particular suspension of disbelief.

They could simply have made the pregnant girl four months along instead of eight. Make it clear that the teaser takes place in, say, March, while the trial and subsequent events take place in September or so.


Well, that’s good coding. :smack:

Is it me or did pregnant girl have HUGE lips. It was friggin’ distracting.

Holy crap, yes. She made Angelina Jolie look like a thin-lipped librarian. WTF?

Yeah, you’ve got a point, but all trials on L&O happen in way too short a time frame. The pregnancy just made this one more obvious.

Also, her scam wouldn’t have worked if she hadn’t been so far along. She was scamming those various couples for months, and wouldn’t have pulled the final scam on Julian Sands until the pregnancy was in its eighth month. So it’s either suspend disbelief for the trial or for the con. Since you have to suspend disbelief for all L&O trials, that’s the option they went for.

The girl with the lips. . . I just can’t get over how awful they were. I mean, that top lip was so clearly fake that it hurt me. It ruined the episode for me. How did Linda Carter (that was the mom, right?) and doctor dude produce a kid with SUPER GIANT LIPS?


I have nothing relevent to add, I just felt left out of the whole Spoiler Box Group. I wanna be one of the cool kids, damnit.

Maybe they were routinely injected with leftover prostate fluid from her side business.

Damn, I’m glad I’m not the only one who kept noticing her LIPS, she’s giving her statement to the police and there’s these LIPS, she’s on the stand testifying with those huge LIPS, it’s hard to pay attention to anything besides LIPS, I’m trying to follow the story, but all I see are LIPS…AAAUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!

I’d hate to have her lipstick bill every month!

She’s Estella Warren; remember her from Planet of the Apes?

Yep, we found the lips ugly and distracting as well.

It thought it was funny to see Bobby Flay as the restaurant owner. And Lynda Carter still looks beautiful.

Useless Trivia of the Week: Bobby Flay is married to Stephanie March, who used to play Alex Cabot, the blonde ADA who went into the Witness Protection Program.

Who played the other guys she had preyed on, the baseball player and the musician?

The musician was Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath. He’s hot.

Thank you! I kept trying to place him, but I guess I’d never seen him with monochromatic hair! (Plus, it seemed that the shots of all the other men she was targeting were pretty brief–they bounced from one to the other a lot. And I didn’t catch the credits, either.)

And yes, he’s VERY hot! :slight_smile: