Lawn Care in MLB Baseball

This is a gardening question, not a sports question: How do they manage to keep natural grass infields so green when the grass can reside under the tarp for a day or several days without sunlight. Why doesn’t this kill the grass?

At below 60 degrees F, it’s generally safe to leave a tarp on for up to 96 hours before the cumulative greenhouse effect gets too strong and risks damage to the grass. When temperatures are at 60 degrees F, limit tarp use to 36 hours or less. Anything above 75 degrees F should limit your use of covers to just a few hours at the most, especially when there’s a chance of direct sunlight falling on the cover.

I thought you were going to ask about the stripes. That is done with a roller behind the mower that presses the grass down in one direction. The only home riding mower that comes with these rollers that I am aware of is Simplicity - simply the best mower. I hope to get one next year.

As someone that has, on multiple occasions, turned lawn into vegetable garden the notion that being under a tarp for even several days without sunlight will kill the grass fills me with laughter.