Laws of nature, Murphy's style.

OK, so we know that if you wash your car, it will rain within a couple of hours and wreck the new polish. If you drop toast on the floor, it will always land buttered-side down.

But why, when I have an almost perfectly round wine-glass, do I always end up with the little chipped** bit on my tongue. One damned .8mm chip in a 6cm diameter glass, and I can never get the unchipped bits to drink from.
**Yeah, yeah, I know, I should drink out of an unchipped glass. I do have LOTS of unchipped wine glasses, but I happen to like this one. :smiley:

It just needs a little duct tape!

I have the same complaint with splinters on disposable chopsticks.

Luckily there is… duct tape! (Not really)

I know better than to ever ever think about a flat tire.