lazy ass muther fucka dishwasher!

I’m the closing manager at McDonalds. One of my crew people is a 74 year old woman who comes in at night to wash dishes for us.She does a shitty job (half the dishes usually have to be rewashed), and she constantly complains. She works 11-close, which is roughly a 3-4 hour shift. I come in at 5, seldomly get a break, and have a lot more responsibility than her. Because she gets paid to wash dishes, I’m usually not too worried about how much we leave her, because that’s her job. She doesn’t cook food, or do drive thru…she just washes the damn dishes. After she finishes them (usually in about 20 minutes), she sits around, eats ice cream, reads the paper, picks her nose (i’m so serious), or sleeps. She’s such a waste of my labor, but the higher management refuses to do anything about her. They pamper her.
So tonight, we were shorthanded, so we really couldn’t get any of her dishes washed before she came on. We were bustin our asses, because I’ve been taking a lot of shit from the morning people about the condition of the store when we leave. I’m tired of listening to them complain, so myself and the 2 other closers made it our mission to leave an amazing store (and we did, btw :slight_smile: )She comes in, sees the mound of dishes, and immediately starts in on how everybody leaves all the dishes up to her. Umm, HELLO,THAT’S YOUR FUCKING JOB!!! “Nobody else bothers to do anything, I’m carrying all the workload tonight.” Do you see the sweat pouring down our faces? Do you see us scrubbing the floors, and sweeping to our heart’s content? Have you noticed the 6 mops we’ve done? Yeah. That’s our job…we’re doing it quite well. So of course Janet had to call, to make sure the store was still standing. (Janet’s my boss, btw) She’s obsessive like that. She’ll wake up at 1 am, call, and ask if we called her. “No Janet, go back to sleep.” So she called, I told her everything was great, she hung up. Barbera comes over, “Who was on the phone? If that was Janet, I needed to talk to her. It’s time this place shows me some damn respect.” Fuck you old lady. So you didn’t get your ice cream break because you were actually working for a change…big fucking deal. The other night one of the closing managers was Mike Decillio. He’s a big boss. Bigger than Janet, but not as important as the Ops manager. He’s ready to have her fired, because she’s a waste of moneyt, and space. Sure she saves us time, because she has all the dishes done for us, but it’s not like we can’t handle them on our own. For crying out loud, we even have a damned dishwasher! It takes about 30 seconds to load, runs for 90 seconds, another 30 to unload.It’s not like we can’t do that inbetween orders. I’m not asking her to give up her ice cream. I’m not asking her to stop taking naps in between dishes. And heaven’s no, I’m not asking her to stop picking her nose (Okay, maybe only when customers are around!) All I want is a litle understanding, and for her to recognize that it’s her job, and to deal with it. If we have extra people, sure, send em back to the sink. Otherwise, the dishes can sit, and wait, for the craby old bat to finish the paper, and do some real work for a change.

I couldn’t help but think in the back of my mind that there was a dish washing machine someone saying “I’m not gonna wash your dishes… I’m gonna… have a sandwhich” Ok though lady sounds like she needs an attitude adjustment though for real.

By all means, give her the number of the manager and tell her to call at 1 am to voice her complaints about being disrespected by being expected to work for her paycheck.
Managers love that! :smiley: