To my boss:FUCK YOU!!

I work at McDonalds. I’m a floor supervisor, which means I’m in charge of telling people what to do, but I don’t get to be in the building alone, and supposedly I can’t deal with the money stuff. I’m a wannabe manager, basically.
The past few weeks, half our management team has been out sick, or on vacation, so we’ve had a lot of random managers from other stores coming in to help us out. Especially at closing.
When I’m there, I run the shift. I get people on breaks, I have the place cleaned, by the time I leave, most of the closing manager’s job is done for them.I’m not getting paid any extra, they’re getting $150 a day to help us out. 150 bucks to work an 8 hour shift, and not do shit. I’m doing all the work. All that’s left is wash a few dishes, sweep and mop the floors, and lock the doors. The rest is common sense. If there’s ketchup on the table, wipe it. If a trash needs to be changed, change it. Pretty fuckin simple.
For the most part, I haven’t been closing. I’ll be there till 10 or 11 or so, sometimes I’m out by 8. The store closes at 1 on weeknights, 2 on weekends. There’s a big gap between when I leave, and when the closers go home.
My boss informed me today that my performance lately hasn’t been acceptable, because the openers weren’t pleased with the store’s appearance. WTF!! I’m not closing! I’m out way before them! It’s not my fault they didn’t wipe down the counters good enough, or never took out the last of the trash…talk to the closing manager, you know, the guy that gets paid extra to be there? Today, I was told “When you’re working, it’s your shift! They’re just there for support, I hold you accountable for how the store looks afterwards.” And even the nights when I do close, I’m in the postion of a crew perspon. As in, I’m responsible for one area, not the whole store. We don’t have enough people for me not to just run one postion. I can’t delegate to everyone else…I let the manager decide if the other closers are doing their job.
Also, a lot of nightly mandatory things aren’t being done, and this is obviously my fault because I’m working that 11-7 shift. I should pop in at close, just to make sure they fill the ice in drive thru, and clean the shake machine the right way. These are things I do every night I close. But I’m working mostly mids, so I don’t close often. And because these things aren’t getting done nightly, I’m getting yelled at? Yes, Crystal (closing manager who’s currently in the hospital) was religious about these things. She also worked 5 closes a week, with the same people every night. She had routine. She also had decent closers…the ones I have currently don’t even speak english!
I can understand that I should be working to make the store look good…but at the same time, it’s not only my fault. People like that just really piss me off…

Tell them that if they want you to be responsible for the place when you’re not there, they better pony up some manager dough. If they balk, seek employment elsewhere.
Don’t let 'em walk on you.
Maybe it’s time for a job upgrade?

Have you ever tried applying for office manager jobs? It’s all about getting people what they need, when they need it. Your present job shows you can do that. If you can shuffle greasy equipment and young workers around, you can easily handle office moves, equipment requests and us immature programmers. :slight_smile: