LBMB, help me.

I keep hearing people mentioning something called the LBMB. I’m curious, what is it? Where is it?

If someone could please enlighten me and provide me with a link to the place then I could go and leave all you scum behi…

umm, I mean…erm… go see what all the fuss is about, yeah, they’ll believe that. (phew, that was close :slight_smile: )

Thanks a bunch.


LBMB is the Left Behind Message Boards. Set up after the widely popular Left Behind Series of books- a Christian series about the end times.
I used to post over there, with a different user name. I haven’t even visited over there in a good 2 months. I became highly frustrated by the petty arguements that arose constantly. A link-best I can do for ya is I used to have it bookmarked, but I deleted that when I decided not to go back.