LCD monitor with intermittent green vertical line

I fear I know the answer to this, but I’m hoping I’m wrong.

I have an Element FLX-1910 LCD TV which I also use as computer monitor. It was in my price range and served the dual role of TV and monitor which I really needed, so I decided to roll the dice on a brand I’d never heard of.

I’ve been using it for about a week, and this morning it suddenly displayed a bright green line down the center of the screen. I know that this is one way that LCD screens can fail, so I immediately started planning when to return it to the store I bought it from when something from my old tech-support days suggested that I try giving it a little first aid, which I delivered in the form of a love tap right to the top of the housing, directly above the line.

Ding, line gone. Some short time later, line back. Tap. Line gone. Maybe four or five iterations of this sequence, then the line stayed gone for nearly an hour.

How should I proceed, while I still have a week or so left on my return policy?

Here’s one point: I never really gave this thing a proper “burn-in,” but the past couple of days I have used it for much longer stretches at a time than I have until now. Would it be a good sign if I could get it to stay line-free for a good 24-hour burn-in at this point?

Return it. I’ve dealt with dozens of bad LCDs, and they are virtually impossible to repair if you can’t get replacement parts for them. Don’t wait until the warranty expires.

What’s the debate? Just return it and get another one. This one isn’t going to magically fix itself - it obviously has a manufacturing defect (probably a bad solder joint).

Yeah, I was afraid that was the answer. Thanks!