Le-Shanah Tovah!

Shanah tovah to you all!

For a good year may you be inscribed and sealed, immediately, for a good life and for peace!

Le’shanah tovah tikateikhu ve-tikateivi ve-teichateimu ve-teichateimi le-altar, le-chayyim tovim ulshalom! Amein!


Um, same to you, I think.

Yike. I don’t even know what language that is. This cat probably just turned me into a newt. A newt! I’d have to become a rebublican! :smack:

happy roshashanna to everyone

I’m pleased to report that I was not turned into a newt. I extend my good wishes to WRS & cherry for the coming year, and to anyone else who wants to accept them.

Happy new year 5764 to WRS, cherry, AskNott, and everyone else on the SDMB.

(Hijacking into a discussion of Ivrit)
I’m a bit confused by tikateikhu, I thought the masculine was tikateivu. What’s the -khu suffix?

Also, what’s le-altar? My guess above is it’s a loose “to you all,” based on the le- prefix.

Oh, on further review of the OP, I’m guessing that le-altar means “immediately.” I hope my record doesn’t come up for immediate review. I’ve got a complex case, to the point where I have two Teraphim on retainer with instructions to continue the case until Hoshanah Rabbah (which is three weeks away).