Lead Males of "NYPD" and "Homocide"

Who were the lead guys of these police shows? I want to say I saw “Sippowitz” as a patient with a sub-plot role in a second-season MAS*H episode. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

  • Jinx

The first TV credit Dennis Franz (Sipowicz) has on the IMDB was Hill Street Blues. They have been known, however, to omit/overlook small roles before. Franz has been the co-lead of NYPD Blue from the start, first with David Caruso, then Jimmy Smits, and then being partnered with other much younger actors (stopped watching the show after Bobby died).

Homicide: Life on the Street was always a bit more of an ensemble piece, but if there was one “lead”, it’d be Andre Braugher, who, like Franz, has a Lead Actor Emmy for the show.

After Jimmy Smits left MYPD Blue, he was replaced by Rick Schroeder (the former child star of “Silver Spoons”) who stayed two years. Now Sipowicz’s partner is played by Mark-Paul Groeselear (sp?), formerly Zack from Saved by the Bell.


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I think “Homocide” was something else. :smiley:

You’re probably thinking of Mills Watson; he played the racist private whom Hawkeye temporarily darkened.

Yeah, congrats to Jeff Olsen for setting me straight. I don’t follow pop TV because I’ve given up. Like how “ER” simultaneously finds a heart donor in the very same hospital as the receipient - and being compatible, of course. So, when I saw this MASH episode, I thought for sure it was that Sippowitz guy. But, I stand corrected. - Jinx