Lead singers who are drummers

Other than Phil Collins, I come up blank. Anyone else?

Don Henly.

The greatest singer/drummer of them all (not that there are that many): Levon Helm.

An offboard discussion on this issue.

Grant Hart from Hüsker Dü split lead singing duties with Bob Mould.

The drummer from Cowboy Mouth is also the lead singer.

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Peter Hoorelbeke of Rare Earth was their lead singer.
The drummer of the mid-'70s version of The Four Seasons sang lead on “December 1963 (Oh What A Night)” although I don’t know what his name is, and it’s not listed at allmusic.com.
Occasionally, Ringo Starr still sings lead while playing the drums, but we all give him a pass for being Ringo.

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters can do it. He was the drummer for Nirvana from “Nevermind” on, and now plays lead guitar and lead vocals for the Foos. He doesn’t often sing and drum at the same time, though. He did, however, have a second drum kit on the stage last time I saw the Foos, and he and the drummer had a “drum-off” that was really good.

Henley drummed and sang lead quite a bit. I know he did on “Life in the Fast Lane” on Hell Freezes Over.

Gerri Polci was his name. And he shared lead with Valli. Frankie did the bridges.

Buddy Miles.

I seem to remember that Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Peter Gabriel (Genesis) and Peter Wolf (J Geils Band) all started out as drummers.

Jim Rutledge, Bloodrock.

Karen Carpenter

Didn’t Mickey Dolenz sing a lot of Monkees songs?

Wikipedia says yes.

two women drummer/singers:

Georgia Hubley from Yo La Tengo

Shivika Asthana from Papas Fritas

Keish from the Hard Ons.

Karen Carpenter

I don’t believe the use was needed, and neither did some people that were in better position to know than I…

William Manchester, American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur 1880-1964, pg. 512.

Dwight Eisenhower, Mandate For Change, pg. 380

I think McArthur had it right on- if the US had initially agreed to allow the Emperor to remain, a surrender could have been achieved without the bomb.

Ringo Starr

Gosh! I didn’t even know MacArthur could drum!

Robert Wyatt of Soft Machine (and as a solo artist), though I believe he had to give up the drums after he broke his back.

Jim Capaldi of Traffic occasionally sang lead. He did sing a lot of harmony vocals for the group.

Emitt Rhodes, since he did play drums – as well as all other instruments – on his albums.

Especially if we’d’ve air-dropped Buddy Rich on the suckers. :smiley:

In other news, I read the header as Lead singers who are dummies.