Least Appropriate Store Names

There used to be (years and years ago) a Hemlock Pharmacy in Chattanooga, TN.

There’s an “S & M Lumber” near my in-laws’ house.

Not quite on topic, but I once saw a Mexican place called “Nacho Mama’s.” That still cracks me up.

In my youth, my town had a chain of hamburger drive-thru restaurants called WhizBurger.

Lots of teens thought it was hilarious to order a burger and say “hold the whiz” or “I’d like one with extra whiz” or “please don’t whiz on mine” or such.

We were easily amused when we were young.

There is a garage in town here called In 'n Out Lube. I still giggle about it every time I see it.

Not a store, but there’s a place not far from here called South Park Childcare Centre.

To be fair, it was probably around before the show–it’s located on South Park Street, hence the name. But I swear I almost did a double-take the first time I saw that sign.

I always thought dirty things about Dick Blick, an art shop. My best friend and I seriously contemplated shooting out the ‘B’ with a BB gun.

There used to be a hair salon I drove past on my way to work: Curl up 'n Dye.

Somewhere in or around Chicago - many years ago - a Chinese place called “Takee Outee.”

Let’s see, here in San Diego we have: Dick’s Liquor

In Scotland I saw a hardware store called Screw It.

Let’s see, here in San Diego we have: Dick’s Liquor

In Scotland I saw a hardware store called screw it.

The “Load and Jug” is refering to a quote from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam- “A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou.”

Oh, lovely…I have 43 posts, and about 21 must be correcting the errors in the other 22

Terrible is a family name in Las Vegas, but still it is odd to see:

Terrible’s Hotel And Casino as well as their chain of Terrible Gas Stations (although with the current price of gas, the name suddenly makes more sense).

Here in Madison (well, Monona actually) there is an accountancy firm with the unfortunate name of Baker & Launder. I stifle a giggle every time I go past it.

In the San Fernando Valley there is a mini mall named the Bang Luck Plaza

In a similar vein, there’s a store called “North End Liquors” here in Lafayette.

There’s a burger place in Chatsworth (north of Los Angeles) called the Munch Box. If I was still a teenager, I’d make sure to mention it constantly in front of my parents.

And on the west coast here, we have a burger chain called Fatburger. Not really inappropriate but I can’t imagine naming my restaurant that. Their burgers are pretty good however.

Not a shop, but in my local convenience store there is a prominently displayed magazine with the title of ASWORK!

Cracks me up every time I see it.

I THINK it is from Asu (tomorrow) and work but what an unfortunate combination. It is a jobs listing, should you be wondering, but would YOU apply for any of the jobs listed in there??

Jet 24 is a small chain of convenience stores in Louisiana, most of which are not actually open anywhere near 24 hours a day.

Here we have Royal Liquors.