Best. Store Name. Ever.

On the way home last night I stopped by a pizza place I’d seen looking for a take out menu. I parked in front of the place next door, a tropical fish store, and there it was:

Fish and other Ichthy Stuff

Even the url is great -

There’s really nothing at the website, though, which is a bit of a disappointment. The store was closed so I don’t know if the inside is anything special, but they hit a home run with the name.

If I ever open a restruant I’m gonna call it “Chinese Food and Dim Sum”.

I’ve always said I wanted to open a British-style pub/hock shop and name it The Cock and Balls.

There’s always the good ol’ Kum and Go!

One day, I will open a funeral home and call it ** Good Grief!: We put the Fun in Funerals!**

I think I will definately open up the Cemetary and Golf Course Combo that I’ve always dreamed of: Heavenly Acres Course and Interment. (or until another name comes along.)

Until then, I swear I am opening a mail order live chicken business called : Cocks R US.

Back on topic: There is/was a trucking company out of Pontiac that was F & K Trucking.. That always cracked me up.

We have a liquor store not too far from me. It is on corner of First Avenue and Tennessee, of course, the name of the store is “First and Tenn”… It would be much better if it were a sports pub though…

A local hair salon is named Curl Up and Dye.

There’s genuinely a store in Dublin, Ireland, called Gobble and Go.

I’ve never been into the place, but I imagine you run in when you’re in dire need of giving a blow job, and there’s a penis sticking out of the middle of the counter that you can chow down on, then leave without having to cuddle or anything.

This is one store that I have always wanted to visit if I make it to Avon, Colorado.

You just can’t beat a place called Beaver Liquors…

Reminds me of the billboard around town that suggestively calls for us to “Do It With 3 Men!”

I nearly ran off the road trying to jot down the number. :smiley:

But then I caught sight of the rest of the ad on the billboard:

“Call 3-Men Moving Company today!”

Damned billboards.

::silver1 stomps off, muttering incoherently::

Now, that’s the most original store name I’ve seen in quite some time!

Blowfish to Die For is the name of a seafood restaurant.

“Fish and other Ichthy Stuff” is a fun name, but I’d certainly hesitate at buying anything that actually is ichthy. :eek:

There is/was a chimney sweep in Chicago boasting the name Ash Wipes.

Pink Taco is a nightclub in Las Vegas (IIRC).

I get a little chuckle every time I’m driving down the road and pass by an 18-wheeler from A. Duie Pyle.

I first heard this name used in the movie *Earth Girls Are Easy * when I was a pre-adolescent. Though I don’t know who got it from whom, the name stayed with me as one of my very favourite business names ever, and I am beyond tickled to hear that it is, indeed, being used today. :cool:

I always wanted to open a bar with a card room in the back room.
“Liquor in the front, Poker in the rear”**
In Phildelphia somewhere, there’s a bar supply place called “The Stool Store”

Hard, firm ones, soft squishy ones, 3 legs or 4…

There is a store called The Glory Hole in Georgia (at least I think it is Georgia…it might be Alabama though). When I heard that name I almost died of laughter.

Here in San Francisco we have a few cafes called Squat and Gobble.

One I heard on TV years ago, a fictional sushi place: Eat Me Raw