How about well-conceived shop names?

Inspired by this thread.

Mine are all pet-related:

Here in Portland there’s an aquarium shop called The Wet Spot.

There’s also a kennel simply titled Stay.

A few years back, in Seattle, I saw a pet grooming place called High Maintenance Bitch.

High Maintenance Bitch was a dog supply store, IIRC, although maybe they also did grooming. It’s shut down now, to the relief of some people in the neighborhood. There is a Doggie Style pet-grooming salon nearby, though. And a very odd one indeed is He Saw Her Paint, a husband-wife carpenter-painter team.

I’m rather partial to the local Thai restaurants “Hard Wok Cafe” and “Thai Nee Cafe”. Also bedding supplies stores “Back to the Futon” and “Holy Sheet!”.

There’s also tableware suppliers “The Big Duck and Fish” - unfortunately seem to be closed now, they made nice stuff.

I know a furniture store called “Sofa So Good”, which always amuses me.

There’s also a Middle Eastern cafe called “Just Falafs”, and a garden ornament store called “Stoned and Plastered”.

“Planet of the Grapes” is a wine merchant in central London.

There’s a hair salon across the street from my childhood church called “Curl Up & Dye”.

They closed up shop a few years ago, but I always thought “A Clean Well-Lighted Place for Books” had a great name.

There’s a hair salon a couple towns away called “Wak-n-yak”. Amuses me every time I drive by it.

We have a Chinese place called Wok N Roll.

We had one with that name nearby when I was in college. We used to sarcastically call it “Wok the Dog”.

The boyfriend’s camera shop is “The F-stop”, which I always thought was cute.

This is my favorite.

Up the street from my old place in Paris was a salon called Hair France.

I visited Zimbabwe a couple times. In Harare, I saw truck for an outfit that delivered cooked chickens called “Poultry In Motion”, and a trash service called ‘Waste Away’.

There is (or was - it’s been a while since I was there) a restaurant in Chicago’s Chinatown called the Mandar-Inn.

Years ago I kept telling friends and family that I wanted to open a fast food curry establishment and name it, Hurry Curry. Now I see someonehas beaten me to the draw. Why do I procrastinate?!? :smack:

Used book store called Twice-Sold Tales.

There are several Vietnamese restaurants in America named Pho King. To get the joke, you have to realize that pho is pronounced “fuh.”

There’s supposed to be a kosher chinese restaurant in LA called “Genghis Cohen”.

When I was in college, there was an establishment nearby named Wok - n - Go.

I have seen a couple of restaurants recently, the Drift On Inn and the Come On Inn. I checked with Google to see if there were any furniture stores named Sofa King. It appears there use to be a few but none are in business now.

I stayed at the Snuggle Inn once. It was very cute.