Least tempting clickbait ever

I was just checking my mail and I noticed a clickbait ad at the bottom of the page. Its title was “What Farrah Fawcett Look Like Now Is Crazy”.

No, crazy is thinking I’d want to see what Farrah Fawcett looks like now. Because, you know, she died in 2009.

Embalming porn. Rule 34.

You have to figure even anything of interest to ghouls or necrophiles is going to have been devalued after seven years.

She always looked crazy to me; even in that famous poster.

Saw one the other day.

“Where is the cast of Car 54 today?”

I just pulled my hands away from the keyboard and thought;

“Dead. They’re all dead. And you’re stupid.”

That news was superseded by the death the same day of Michael Jackson.


30 Brides you cannot unsee.

No, no and no-ish.

And this is how I found out that Nipsey Russell was dead.

Lol, the top credit on the first link

I Thought You Were Dead (TV Movie)

There’s a guy who died in 1932 you can see through a glass panel in his coffin. S.P. Dinsmoor was a Civil War veteran who lived in Lucas, Kansas and he was, shall we say, a bit eccentric. Google “Garden of Eden” and his name to see the wierd art he built around his home. But hey, when he was eighty-one he married for the second time, to a twenty year old, woman, and sired two more kids. Dude must have had something going on for him.

He’s a bit green and fuzzy now.

Some more clickbait:

You won’t believe how Lenin looks today

Imelda Marcos, not just shoes.

Ramses II,then andnow