Farrah Fawcett has died

According to her Wikipedia entry, she died/will die on March 3rd! :eek:


Normally I’d totally discount this information, BUT (and I’ve told this story before) a few years ago I found myself in a somewhat unique situation. I was among the very few people in the world to be aware that a certain celebrity (somewhat minor) had died. I mean that it was me and the cops investigating the death…and that’s about it. Anyway, I checked out Wikipedia for some extra info and the celebrity’s death had already been included! I was a bit stunned, to say the least; the police hadn’t even issued their report yet, and no media outlets were aware of the situation. So that’s why I’m a bit hesitant to simply dismiss this Wikipedia entry.

Anyone else heard anything about this?

Very suspicious. That was added by someone hiding behind an IP that traces back to Verizon Internet Services (someone with an East Coast US IP knows what’s going to happen tomorrow? Alert JREF!), whose two previous edits were reverted for vandalism.

And…it’s been reverted.

Wow. That’s some good sleuthing!

And I notice now the date of death has been removed. Oops. Sorry if I alarmed anyone!

But Lute, I’m glad I at least have a witness that the March 3 date was actually there!

Joe Dimaggio was watching TV one day and they announced he was dead. He got pretty mad about it. I think he died about a year later.

ET Online:

He probably got tired of people thinking “where have you gone” meant he died.

For anyone interested, a British tabloid is reporting that Farrah has gone to Germany for a last-ditch attempt to save her life. They say she has said goodbye to family and friends since she doesn’t expect she’ll be returning:

But Entertainment Tonight says the story is totally false…although the good friend they quote, Alana Stewart, doesn’t seem to be actually denying the story:
Alana tells ET that Farrah is in good spirits, and is hopeful and positive, as are her doctors*. Hmmm.


And especially since he had “left and gone away.”

“In a bizarre turn of events, the body of the former Charlie’s Angels star was found pinned to the wall in a college dorm room…”

I’m far more alarmed by the Wikipedia article’s claim that her rectal polyp treatment is being documented for some form of reality show. What the hell?!

Best wishes to Ms. Fawcett for a speedy recovery. I’ll always treasure the other pictures of her ass.

Same thing happened with Chris Benoit- his Wikipedia entry reported his wife’s death before anybody had actually announced it.

Yeah, I’m telling you…there’s something really weird going on with this Wikipedia site. :confused:

Well, anybody with an iPhone can edit a Wikipedia article on the spot.

Same with Bob Hope, Shelley Winters, Jerry Mathers…


Don’t scare me like that :frowning:

I understand, but you would think that anyone close enough to know about a celebrity’s death before the media (family, police) would have bigger things to deal with than editing a Wikipedia entry.

I remember, as I was watching the breaking news of a Congressman’s accidental death (and I mean less than two minutes after the news broke), going to his Wikipedia article to add that information, and finding someone had already done it.

People Magazine once referred to the late Abe Vigoda.

Boy, were they surprised when Abe wrote a letter pointing out their error.

Abe Vigoda status website


I noticed in the paper last week that Abe celebrated his 88th birthday. Y’know, he looked like he was 80-something 30 years ago on “Barney Miller”!

Hours before crazed wrestler Chris Benoit murdered his family and killed himself, someone edited his Wikipedia page and claimed he was dead.

I thought that would be kind of cool. You know, the “Wikipedia Killer.” He goes around and edits your Wiki page, adding a date of death sometime in the future. Before you know it, the that person is dead.