Lebanese army to defend against Israel

Watching Link TV’s Mosaic TV news from various countires in the Middle East. A lebanese military officer says his army and “the resistance” will defend the country against Israel.
That doesn’t sound good. I thought they were to keep Hezbolah (sp) from shooting at folks.

I’m sure many Lebanese citizens are wondering what the previous policy was and why it seemed like a good idea.

Probably so. It is interesting to see the other guy’s news.

Isn’t the lebanese govt/army the running boy for Hezbollah? As in, for the last 20 years?


Yeah, but it was the hope that things would change now that Syria is no longer in apparent control of the Lebanese government.

Well what would you say in his position? It’s not us that he’s making a case for the Lebanese Army’s presence in South Lebanon to, it’s his own citizens.

It would only make political sense for the ostensible reason of the Lebanese Army’s presence to be ‘defence against Israel’.