Lebowski! The Dude's Sweater is up for Auction!!

Just reported on NPR’s Marketplace show. Opening bid is $5,000.

I’m not interested in the sweater, but I’d bid for the rug (if it had been cleaned).

Yep - it really tied the room together; the cult has really been locked into place, hasn’t it?

Link to news item: http://www.imdb.com/news/ni8856140/

I was wondering if Jesus’ bowling gear was up for auction too, but if not, one can still go for the Jesus action figure.

I’d pee on a carpet for that.

I was just watching this last night on TV and one thing I had never realized is that the song sung during his dream sequence, “I Just Dropped in to See What Conditon My Condition Was In” is by the First Edition.

That is *Kenny Rogers *singing that song! I am an old fart but this never came together for me until today.