LeBron and the Knicks speculation

There’s been a lot of speculation that once LeBron’s contract is up he’s jumping to the Knicks. There’s still another year before this can even happen. Plus I don’t think LeBron can even talk to the Knicks until the summer before the 2010-2011 season. The Knicks may be making moves to go after him but that’s just what NBA teams do(make moves). I expect Cleveland’s gonna make moves to improve on this season and get a championship.

IMHO LeBron is already in the best situation to win a championship in the near future. A big time free agent to be Scottie Pippen to LeBron’s Michael Jordan and they’re set. Take a page from Paul Pierce’s book and recruit somebody(KG and Ray Allen in Boston). He’s already the endorsement king so the I don’t really buy the media market theory.

So my question is why New York? I haven’t heard speculation about any other team. And why go? It seems that he would just be repeating his career thus far if he goes to a 32-50 team.

Because New York is New York, and the Knicks are the Knicks. One conspiracy theory out there is that Nike is going to give him a huge pile of money if he goes to New York.

This rumour pops up with almost every young superstar. The sports media is heavily concentrated in New York and every time a new NBA flavour comes along he’s supposedly going to go to the Knicks at the first opportunity. Things have not been fantastic for the Knicks of late so they like to pretend a saviour is on the way.

Plus he’s a Yankees fan, the traitor.

I used to be annoyed with LeBron because he was obviously a frontrunner as a kid, being a fan of the Yankees and the Cowboys, but after the Cavs blew it I decided he had the right idea after all. Being a Cleveland fan sucks.

Here’s a good discussion of the very big advantage Cleveland has under the collective bargaining agreement in keeping James under the Larry Bird exception.


Yeah, and ESPN is absolutely cumming in their pants at the thought of him going there. I couldn’t care less about the Knicks or really even the NBA until the playoffs, but it would be amazing to see LeBron play in an up-tempo style like Mike Diantoni had with the Suns (does he even play that style in New York?)

This link answers all my questions. Thanks. Can you believe how early the rumors started?!

Yep. That link was on the money.

James will play in Cleveland his whole career. He’s that kind of guy.

The only possible exception I can forsee is if Danny Ferry fails to get a quality player in here the next two years to help him out. Then, all bets are off.

I grew up in New York City, and could give a long list of its plusses…

But it’s far from obvious that playing for the Knicks would be a huge step up for LeBron.

Would he have a better chance of winning a championship in the very near future, if he went to New York? No.

Considering that he’s either the most or (at worst) the second most popular and marketable player in the NBA, would he really get much more media exposure or endorsement money if he left Cleveland? I don’t see it.

And even if LeBron did want to leave Cleveland, I can think of numerous places where he could make big bucks, play for a championship contender right away, and live in a more pleasant climate.

For the sake of argument, why would LeBron choose to play for the Knicks if, say, the Orlando Magic or Miami Heat offered him just as much money? With either Florida club, he’d have a much better cast of teammates than the Knicks could offer, warm weather (plus beaches, in Miami), relatively mellow fans, relatively kind media, and no state income tax.

Really, what can the Knicks offer that he couldn’t get elsewhere?

ESPN’s adoration and, uhh, New York.

Nobody said it was logical. I still remember the absolute certainty with which ESPN declared Vince Carter would sign with the Knicks. Instead, he signed with… Toronto, again, and then was later traded to the anti-Knicks.

Again, I’m a native New Yorker, but there’s no compelling reason a star like LeBron should play for the Knicks. I mean, the Yankees can pay WAAAY more than the Indians can, so it’s logical for C.C. Sabathia to make a move. But the Knicks can’t pay any more than anybody else in the NBA, and the Giants/Jets can’t pay more than anybody else in the NFL. So, unless you love theater (and most jocks don’t), it’s hard to imagine why you’d be dying to play here!

I loved growing up in New York, but it made no sense to me that Eli Manning REFUSED to play in San Diego (where the weather is always perfect, where the fans and media are deliriously HAPPY if you make the playoffs occasionally) and insisted on a trade to New York (where you play in freezing rain, and the fans/media are ready to rip you a new anus any time you throw an incompletion).

He’s staying in Cleveland. The amount of coverage this gets is amazing (LeBron is friends with Jay-Z so he must be going to the Nets who are moving to Brooklyn oh wait not they’re not!) considering Cleveland will be able to pay him far more than any other team, which almost always turns out to be the biggest thing with a free agent player.

That won’t be the biggest thing with LeBron.

Detroit rumor is that Rasheed Wallace is going to Cleveland. He was going through the motions last year. If he has anything left, he will help them a bunch. They would be big winners.

From your lips to the ears of Danny Ferry. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard the reason why Eli refused San Diego is that Peyton was disgusted with the way Ryan Leaf was treated by the Chargers. Peyton didn’t think the Chargers did anything to help Leaf make the transition from college to the pros and didn’t like how the organization handled Leaf.

I’m a Knick fan, and I always find these kind of rumors bizarre. Who was the last big name free agent to sign with the Knicks? As far as I can remember, the biggest free agent the Knicks landed in the last 20 years was Allen Houston.

Yeah, this is simply getting silly. I’m sure Lebron is pretty frustrated right now but hes NOT going to sign with a horrible organization like the Knicks just because he’d make a few more millions in endorsement deals. He wants to win, the Knicks haven’t shown any capacity to put together a decent team for a very long time and so far they’ve put all their eggs in the great free for all of oh-10. If they managed to grab another superstar besides Lebron AND a decent suporting cast he MIGHT consider it if the Cavs haven’t gotten any better. One thing the Cavs loss showed was that their current team really isn’t very good, Mo Williams is clearly not an all star no matter how much Lebron complains and big Z actually died from his last injury and was replaced by a cardboard cut out.

He’s already very rich, but so are a lot of other players and they still tend to go with the money. Unless Ferry makes a hash of the organization, the Cavs are still going to be a much better organization than the Knicks (despite their steps in the right direction last season) and I do think LeBron likes being the hometown guy.